Alun Cairns: “Wales Must Seize The Opportunities To Sell Its Brand To The World”

Welsh Secretary’s message as Wales Week in London festival begins

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns will urge Wales’ best businesses and cultural organisations to seize the opportunities to promote Wales on a global stage during the Wales Week in London initiative, which launches today (24 February).

Wales Week in London aims to promote Welsh interests in London via a series of activities and events from 24 February to 10 March, from a number of sectors and locations in the UK’s capital.

During the fortnight, the Welsh Secretary will urge Welsh businesses to take their products and services to the world market at the Department for International Trade and Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Celebrating Welsh Trade event.

The Secretary of State will also host a reception at Gwydyr House to celebrate the strength and diversity of Welsh culture, and recognise the contribution the arts industry makes towards Wales’ growing tourism industry in a speech at a National Museum Wales pop up event.

UK Government Minister Stuart Andrew will chair a meeting with tourism industry experts to discuss how the UK Government can further support the burgeoning market in Wales.

As part of the celebrations, the Welsh Secretary will also attend a St David’s Day reception at No10 Downing Street for leading Welsh figures from the worlds of business, media, tourism and sport.

Secretary of State for Wales Alun Cairns said:

Wales Week in London is an excellent opportunity for Welsh businesses and organisations to make their mark on a global stage. We have some of the strongest industries in the world in the fields of aerospace, agriculture and the food and drink market.

This is the second year running where we have united all St David’s Day related events in London under one umbrella title, which shows the strength of our country’s brand to the wider world.

This campaign ties in with the ambitions of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy in facilitating greater trade and investment opportunities between Wales, the United Kingdom and the world. It’s my job to champion those Welsh interests, and I look forward to playing my part in representing the Welsh brand and its culture throughout the week.

Wales Week in London was formed by Dan Langford and Mike Jordan, two Wales-based business people with strong business ties to London.

Dan Langford, Chair of Wales Week in London said:

We have a terrific programme of events this year – over 70 different activities and events covering all aspects of Welsh life and business; celebrating and promoting Wales whilst commemorating St David’s Day across London.

The support from the UK Government, led through the Office of the Secretary of State for Wales and importantly, also involving a number of other government departments has been tremendous; and together with the Welsh Government, we’re working collaboratively with a shared ambition to promote a modern Wales to the rest of the world.

Huge thanks also goes to those people and organisations, drawn from the Welsh diaspora in London as well as from Wales, who are leading on many of the events taking place. Together we’ll be making a huge amount of Welsh noise in the heart of one of the most important capitals in the world.

Through a calendar of events for two weeks centred around St David’s Day, the festival will showcase activities of existing London-based Welsh communities and promote the best of Wales in London, helping organisations in all sectors to promote their products and services while broadening their networks and audiences.

Deputy Secretary Sullivan Travels To Haiti

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

Deputy Secretary of State John J. Sullivan will travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to meet with Haitian President Jovenel Moise and Caribbean leaders attending the twenty-ninth Inter-Sessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) from February 26-28.

The Deputy Secretary will focus discussions on issues of mutual interest to the United States and the Caribbean, including energy diversification, regional security, and economic development. The United States is an enduring partner to the Caribbean as underscored in the Caribbean 2020 strategy, which strengthens security, diplomacy, prosperity, energy, education, and health in the region.

While in Haiti, the Deputy Secretary will also engage with U.S. Embassy staff, as well as representatives from the business community and civil society, and make a visit to the Haitian National Police School, which receives funding from the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement.

Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan A. Sales To Speak At Defeat-ISIS Coalition Conference On Mobilizing Law Enforcement Efforts

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan A. Sales will deliver the opening remarks at the International Conference on Mobilizing Law Enforcement Efforts to Defeat ISIS at the Department of State’s Loy Henderson auditorium at 9:00 am on February 27, 2018.

The Department of State, in cooperation with INTERPOL and the International Institute for Justice and the Rule of Law, is hosting the two-day conference on February 27-28, 2018. The Defeat-ISIS Coalition is at a key strategic moment as we near the military defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and the destruction of the group’s physical and operational hub. It is critical that we now strengthen our focus on civilian sector tools as ISIS seeks other places to operate. This conference will bring together senior-level diplomatic, justice, and law enforcement officials responsible for counterterrorism from approximately 90 countries and organizations.

Counterterrorism Coordinator Nathan A. Sales’ remarks are open to the press. Pre-set time for cameras is 8:15 am from the 23rd Street entrance. Final access time for writers and stills is 8:30 am from the 23rd Street entrance.

Media representatives may attend this event upon presentation of one of the following: (1) a U.S. Government-issued photo media credential (e.g., Department of State, White House, Congress, Department of Defense or Foreign Press Center), or (2) an official photo identification card issued by their news organization, or (3) a letter from their employer on official letterhead verifying their current employment as a journalist.

Additionally, they must present an official government photo identification card (i.e., U.S. driver’s license or passport).

For further information, please contact Rhonda Shore at

RSS James Cook In Brazil

United Kingdom and Brazil announce UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation 2018-19 during visit of British research ship to Rio

RSS James Cook

RSS James Cook

The UK-Brazil Year of Science and Innovation 2018-19, will be celebrated by a cocktail reception on 27 February at the Museum of Tomorrow during the visit of the British Royal Research Ship James Cook to Rio. This state of the art ship operated by the United Kingdom’s National Oceanography Centre, is responsible for studies in some of the Earth’s most challenging environments, from tropical oceans to the edge of ice sheets.

The UK’s Ambassador to Brazil, Vijay Rangarajan and director of the Museum of Tomorrow, Ricardo Piquet, will host guests from the scientific community, business representatives and officials from the Brazilian government for a cocktail reception to officially announce the UK-Brazil Year of Science & Innovation. The initiative promises to be a celebration of bilateral science and innovation cooperation with a schedule of events, lectures and announcements of new research programmes under our Newton Fund with strong opportunities for working with the United Kingdom relating to the UK’s new Industrial Strategy

Science collaboration between the United Kingdom and Brazil is enormous, has major impact on our lives, and even greater potential for the future. The highlights of this Year include a lecture series with British Nobel laureates, scientific workshops and seminars to discuss innovation. There will also be funding for research through our UK government Newton Fund”, promised the British Ambassador.

This will be an opportunity for scientists, entrepreneurs and British and Brazilian companies to celebrate what our joint research has already accomplished – from sequencing the Zika virus to advanced agriculture – and discuss how to work together on future global challenges such as health, climate change, energy, biodiversity and agriculture and opportunities for working with the United kingdom relating to our new Industrial Strategy”, says Ambassador Rangarajan.

The James Cook Research ship will dock at Praça Mauá in Rio de Janeiro on February 27th. Visitors to the Museum of Tomorrow will be able to go aboard the expedition for a guided tour, having an opportunity to view the specialised equipment in oceanic research and speak to part of the crew before their next expedition to Cape Town, South Africa. The current research group features individuals from 11 different nationalities from nine institutions, including the University of São Paulo and the Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira (IEAPM).

Does The ACLU Any Longer Defend Civil Liberty?

Op-Ed Contributor

Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts

There are many signs of American collapse. One of the most scary is the fact that the American Civil Liberties Union no longer knows what are the civil liberties it purports to defend. Identity Politics has transformed civil rights into privileges for victim groups.

Yesterday (February 22, 2018) I received a 50-state survey from the ACLU. The envelope in which the questionnaire arrived said the survey was about how “to protect civil liberties during the Trump Presidency.” However, the survey (essentially a fundraiser) did not mention a single civil liberty contained in the Bill of Rights and added as amendments to the US Constitution.

Nothing about the sweeping away by the criminal Bush regime of habeas corpus with indefinite detention. No mention of the criminal Obama regime’s kill list, which swept away due process by executing US citizens on allegation alone without trial, evidence, and conviction. Nothing about the sweeping away by both criminal regimes of the prohibition against spying on citizens without warrants. No mention of the shutdown of free speech and protest or of the destruction of civil liberties by unaccountable police who brutalize, rob, and murder Americans at will.

In place of civil liberties, the ACLU has Identity Politics. The ACLU “civil rights” survey is concerned with the civil rights of illegal aliens, of women to have abortions and publicly financed birth control, the “fundamental rights of LGBT people,” and Muslim bans. The civil liberties listed in the Constitution do not qualify for concern; only invented rights that are not listed in the Bill of Rights.

The letter accompanying the questionnaire does mention the First Amendment and suppression of free speech “emanating from the White House.” I mean, really, the Bush and Obama regimes decimated free speech and imprisoned whistleblowers. Julian Assange has been imprisoned for years in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for publishing leaked material revealing criminal and deceitful behavior of the US government. By the time of Trump’s election, the First Amendment was a dead letter civil right.

In the ACLU’s Identity Politics, white people, especially white heterosexual males, have no rights. They are not protected by quotas, political correctness, or hate speech prohibitions. No one has to worry about offending a white by destroying statues of white males or church plaques commemorating George Washington and Robert E. Lee. Try destroying a statue of Martin Luther King. A white person can be called every name in the book, and is. White DNA is said to be an abomination. Anyone who said black DNA or homosexual DNA was an abomination would face hate crime charges.

Even men-hating white feminists jump on the anti-white bandwagon, denouncing white heterosexual–not homosexual–males as misogynist. The feminists reserve their hate for the men attracted to women.

War is the greatest destroyer of civil liberty. Indefinite detention, execution without due process, spying without warrants, suppression of the First Amendment are all consequences of the use of 9/11 to put the US on a war basis. The replacement of civil liberty with a police state is said to be necessary in order to protect us from Muslim terrorists, expanded to include undefined “domestic extremists.” Currently the US is being put on an even greater war basis with Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and even Venezuela declared as threats to America.

The ACLU shares responsibility for the explosion of the threat level from al Qaeda to every country that “threatens” America by having its own independent foreign policy and insisting on its sovereignty. It was Trump who said he was going to normalize relations with Russia, and it was the ACLU and the entirety of the liberal/progressive/left who jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon and went after him with the orchestrated conspiracy of Russiagate. What the liberal/progressive/left did was to drive Trump into the arms of the military/security complex.

Clearly, the liberal/progressive/left and the ACLU are a greater menace to the Bill of Rights than Donald Trump.

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