Government Urges Businesses To Prepare For Changes To Animal Imports And Exports In A No-Deal Brexit

Guidance published today will help minimise disruption and allow continued movement of goods

Marsham Street

Marsham Street

New guidance has been published today to ensure import and export trade in animals, animal products, fish, food and feed can continue in the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

This guidance will help to minimise disruption for users and allow the continued movement of goods, while helping to maintain our biosecurity, food safety and high standards of animal welfare.

In the event of no deal, to continue to export to the EU we will need to be listed by the EU as a third country. Negotiations are under way to secure this listing and we are confident it will be in place before we leave the EU.

In a no-deal exit the process for exporting and importing the products above but will change in the following ways:

  • As we’ve said previously, businesses exporting all animals, animal products and fish to the EU will now need to apply for an Export Health Certificate (EHC) before they export. This will make them the same as businesses who export these goods to the rest of the world who already have to apply for EHCs. They will also need to make sure their trade route passes through a Border Inspection Posts when entering Europe as well as being aware of wider customs requirements. The guidance and certificates are available for download from today ahead of use on exit day.
  • For those businesses importing to the UK, there will not be any new checks or requirements but importers will need to notify authorities using a new process. Businesses will need to use a new system called the Import of Products, Animals, Food and Feed System’ (IPAFFS). This will help to minimise disruption for users, allow the continued movement of goods and help to maintain our biosecurity and food safety.
  • Businesses importing animals and animal products from within the EU will need to use a separate interim system until the summer.

Food and Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley said:

Our top priority remains delivering a negotiated deal, but it is the job of a responsible Government to ensure we are prepared for all scenarios, including no deal.

If you or your business export or import animals and animal products or imports high risk food and feed you will need to prepare for a number of changes in the event of a no-deal Brexit. Our new guidance pages on make clear what you need to do to be ready to continue to trade after we leave the EU.

To summarise the guidance published today, those who export animals, animal products, fish, should:

  • Download EHC certificates;
  • Arrange inspections by an authorised signatory for the EHC, such as an Official Veterinarian (OV), in advance of exports;
  • Familiarise themselves with a new helpful tool to find authorised signatories in England, Scotland and Wales
  • Review the current list of EU Border Inspection Posts on GOV.UK to help plan their journeys; and
  • If exporting most fish and fish products between the UK and EU you will need a catch certificate. Guidance is available at exporting and importing fish if there’s no Brexit deal.

Those who import animals, animal products, fish, food and feed should:

  • Read the guidance about how to import when the UK leaves the EU;
  • If importing high-risk food and feed not of animal origin, ensure that those consignments enter the UK at a Designated Point of Entry (DPE) which are available on the Food Standards Agency’s website;
  • If importing from the rest of the world via the EU, make sure that those consignments enter the UK at a Border Inspection Post (BIP) or a Designated Point of Entry (DPE); and
  • If importing most fish and fish products between the UK and EU you will need a catch certificate Guidance is available at exporting and importing fish if there’s no Brexit deal.

The IPAFFS system, which will replicate the EU Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) process currently used by importers to notify authorities of imports of animal products, and high-risk food and feed from non-EU countries, will be operational for businesses importing from outside the EU on Day 1. Businesses importing animals and animal products from within the EU will need to use a separate interim system until the summer.

Unscrupulous East London Health Supplements Company Shut Down

Unscrupulous East London health supplements company that secured £128,000 from elderly and vulnerable customers has been shut down by the courts

Insolvency Service

Insolvency Service

Registered to a residential address in East London, GoNutri Limited was wound up in the High Court on 12 February 2019 for trading with a lack of commercial probity, objectionable trading practices and improper sales techniques.

Following confidential enquiries, investigators from the Insolvency Service found that GoNutri targeted elderly and vulnerable people, bombarding them with cold calls and high pressure sales techniques to coerce them to purchase vitamin and mineral supplements.

Using a call centre based abroad to push the products, sales operatives occasionally misled customers in thinking they were representing health centres in the UK or other parts of the NHS.

Products were sold at highly inflated prices and the same item could sell for different prices, ranging anywhere from £11 up to £49.99.

Some customers were told that they hadn’t paid for items and were forced to pay multiple times for a single product, while others were sent items they hadn’t requested before being hounded into paying for them.

One victim, who was 91-years-old at the time, reported they were pestered with calls saying their card payment hadn’t worked. When the customer asked the call centre to send a bill in the post instead, operatives refused. This led the 91-year-old to write another cheque, although later on the customer found out the bill had been paid the first time round.

And in another example, an 84-year-old was persuaded to specifically make three orders because it was only after the third instalment that they would feel the physical benefits.

Investigators established that Go Nurti targeted circa 409 customers, with an average age of 85, and between May 2016 and June 2018, the health supplements company generated sales of approximately £128,000.

The hearing was held before Mr Justice Snowden who made the winding up order in the public interest.

By virtue of the appointment of the Official Receiver all public enquiries concerning the affairs of the company should be made to: The Official Receiver, Public Interest Unit, 2nd Floor, 4 Abbey Orchard Street, London SW1P 2HT. Email:

Mental Health And Wellbeing Support For NHS Staff: Government Pledges Overhaul

Plans to give staff immediate access to dedicated mental health support will be considered as part of the upcoming workforce implementation plan



The government is setting out new plans to provide better mental health and wellbeing support to NHS staff.

The new support will be based on recommendations by Health Education England (HEE) and could include:

  • post-incident support for NHS frontline staff, such as peer group support or a more formal psychological assessment
  • a dedicated mental health support service giving confidential advice and support 24 hours a day
  • fast-tracked mental health referrals for NHS employees if requested as a priority from either a GP or an occupational health clinician
  • improved rest spaces for on-call staff and trainees during and after their shifts, providing security, shower facilities and refreshments
  • an ‘NHS workforce wellbeing guardian’ in every NHS organisation, responsible for championing mental health and wellbeing support for staff

HEE made the recommendations in its report on the mental health and wellbeing of NHS staff and learners, commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care last year.

The recommendations will be considered as part of the ‘workforce implementation plan’, which will be led by NHS Improvement Chair Dido Harding and Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust Chief Executive Julian Hartley.

HEE spoke to staff whose wellbeing had been affected by their experiences in the NHS workplace, as well family members who had lost relatives through suicide. They also visited organisations that are already demonstrating good practice in supporting staff mental and physical wellbeing to understand how these initiatives could be rolled out across the NHS.

The measures should help NHS organisations make positive progress on sickness absence rates, staff performance and retention.

The latest NHS staff survey showed that less than a third of staff felt their organisation took positive action towards improving their health and wellbeing.

Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock said:

I love the NHS and have enormous respect and admiration for the dedicated staff who make our health service what it is today. Working under pressure, NHS staff put themselves in some of the most challenging situations imaginable as part of their unwavering commitment to caring for us all. So they deserve unwavering support from us all.

I’m so proud of the service NHS staff give, so the mental and physical wellbeing of the people who work in our health service must be our utmost priority. Today’s important report helps guide how we can do that, from creating the right culture of support to giving everyone somewhere to turn in the toughest times.

NHS staff have been there for me, and they have been there for my family – so I’m determined to make sure we are there for them too.

Professor Ian Cumming, Chief Executive, Health Education England said:

If someone is looking to join the NHS, whether through education and training, an apprenticeship or direct employment, they should be able to see and feel that the health service is bringing to life the statements expressed in the NHS Constitution.

More support is needed for those who care and better care is needed for those studying to become healthcare professionals. This is why I am committed to making sure that the commission takes full advantage of this opportunity to make a real difference to the NHS health and care workforce and to those studying to become our future healthcare staff.

It is vital that staff feel they are supported and that employers have the right procedures in place to offer all the help that may be needed. The mental wellbeing of staff contributes positively to patient care so we must get it right.

As a caring and compassionate organisation, the NHS attracts staff with these values, but it must be recognised that in giving care you also absorb some of the concerns and issues of the people that you are caring for. We must do better for those in the caring professions. And we must care better for those studying to be professionals. This commission will make that happen.

ASA: Weekly Adjudications Published

Advertising Standards Authority

Advertising Standards Authority

ASA adjudications provide important guidance to advertisers on how the Advertising Codes are to be interpreted. They act as a transparent record of our policy for consumers, media, government, industry and society at large on what is and isn’t acceptable in advertising.

Autorama UK Ltd t/a Motorama
  • Upheld in part
  • Television
  • 20 February 2019

A TV ad for Motorama, a car leasing website, seen in September 2018. A voice-over stated, “At Motorama, we want you to stop buying cars. Stop spending more than you want. Stop paying eye-watering deposits. We think it’s time to stop buying, start leasing. With Motorama, you can lease a brand new Range Rover Evoque…

Carwow Ltd
  • Upheld
  • Internet (price comparison), Television
  • 20 February 2019

A website and a TV ad for Carwow, a car purchasing platform:a. The website,, seen on 28 June 2018, featured a listing for a Ford Mondeo with a recommended retail price (RRP) of £24,195.b. The TV ad, seen on 12 September 2018, featured the claim “buyers save an average £3,600”. Text on the bot…

DotNetPages Ltd t/a OddsMonkey
  • Upheld
  • Internet (on own site)
  • 20 February 2019

The home page of, seen in November 2018, stated “Make Money Online with OddsMonkey. OddsMonkey makes it simple for you to earn a tax-free second income”. Further text stated “How does Matched Betting Work? With our bespoke software and a bit of good, old-fashioned maths, you can minimi…

Energy Watchdog Ltd
  • Upheld
  • Internet (on own site), Other
  • 20 February 2019

A website for Energy Watchdog Ltd,, seen on 3 August 2018, featured a logo which included the text “ENERGY WATCHDOG” at the top of each web page.Claims on the ‘PV Hotwater’ web page stated “Free hot water from your PV solar … If your home has hot water tank with an immersion [sic] then a PV Hotw…

Motorline Ltd
  • Upheld
  • E-mail
  • 20 February 2019

An email from Motorline Toyota Bromsgrove, received on 24 October 2018, was headed “The Motorline Price Fall Event 25th – 29th October 2018. Save up to £6,535 on pre-registered, nearly-new cars”. Beneath this was an image of a Toyota C-HR Hybrid, accompanied by text stating “Nearly-new…10 miles…MRRP …

Notting Hill Genesis
  • Upheld
  • Transport
  • 20 February 2019

A poster for Notting Hill Genesis Shared Ownership, seen on the London Underground on 25 September 2018, featured text which stated “I own a 2 bedroom apartment and pay less per month than my friends pay to rent a room in a flatshare!”. Ltd
  • Upheld
  • Internet (display)
  • 20 February 2019

A website for the parcel delivery comparison website,, seen on 28 November 2018. The front page of the website included a link to “Quote & Book” which led to a list of companies that provided delivery services. Under the column “Next day delivery” the “DPD Drop Off” was listed. Text next to the DP…

Shiseido UK Co Ltd t/a Bare Minerals
  • Not Upheld
  • VOD
  • 20 February 2019

A video on demand (VOD) ad for Bare Minerals, seen on ITV Hub on 12 November 2018, featured various shots of several models, predominantly showing their head and shoulders. They were in a range of poses.

Sainsbury’s / Asda Merger Could Push Up Prices And Reduce Quality

The CMA has provisionally found extensive competition concerns as part of its in-depth investigation of the proposed merger between Sainsbury’s and Asda

Sainsbury's / Asda Merger

Sainsbury’s / Asda Merger

At this stage in its Phase 2 investigation, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has found that the proposed deal could lead to a worse experience for in-store and online shoppers across the UK through higher prices, a poorer shopping experience, and reductions in the range and quality of products offered. It also has concerns that prices could rise at a large number of Sainsbury’s and Asda petrol stations.

The CMA has provisional concerns that the merger could lead to a substantial lessening of competition at both a national and local level. The combined impact means that people could lose out right across the UK and that the deal could also cost shoppers through reduced competition in particular areas where Sainsbury’s and Asda stores overlap.

Stuart McIntosh, chair of the independent inquiry group carrying out the investigation, said:

These are two of the biggest supermarkets in the UK, with millions of people purchasing their products and services every day. We have provisionally found that, should the two merge, shoppers could face higher prices, reduced quality and choice, and a poorer overall shopping experience across the UK. We also have concerns that prices could rise at a large number of their petrol stations.

These are our provisional findings, however, and the companies and others now have the opportunity to respond to the analysis we’ve set out today. It’s our responsibility to carry out a thorough assessment of the deal to make sure that the sector remains competitive and shoppers don’t lose out.

As well as concerns for people shopping in their stores, the CMA is concerned the merger could drive up prices and reduce the quality of service for online customers.

It also believes the deal could lead to inflated fuel costs at more than 100 locations where Sainsbury’s and Asda petrol stations overlap.

The CMA has set out potential options for addressing its provisional concerns. These include blocking the deal or requiring the merging companies to sell off a significant number of stores and other assets – potentially including one of the Sainsbury’s or Asda brands – to recreate the competitive rivalry lost through the merger. The CMA’s current view is that it is likely to be difficult for the companies to address the concerns it has identified.

The CMA now welcomes responses from interested parties to its provisional findings by 13 March 2019 and its notice of possible remedies by 6 March 2019. The CMA’s final report will be issued by 30 April 2019.

Further details are available on the Sainsbury’s / Asda case page.

Notes to Editors
  1. The CMA is the UK’s primary competition and consumer authority. It is an independent non-ministerial government department with responsibility for carrying out investigations into mergers, markets and the regulated industries and enforcing competition and consumer law. For CMA updates, follow us on TwitterFacebook, and LinkedIn.
  2. Certain of the CMA’s functions in phase 2 merger inquiries are performed by independent inquiry groups chosen from the CMA’s panel members. The appointed inquiry group are the decision-makers on phase 2 inquiries. The members of the inquiry group are: Stuart McIntosh (Inquiry Chair), Richard Feasey, Roland Green, John Thanassoulis, and Claire Whyley. The CMA’s panel members come from a variety of backgrounds, including economics, law, accountancy and/or business; the membership of an inquiry group usually reflects a mix of expertise and experience.
  3. There is now a 3-week consultation period on the provisional findings, during which time anyone may make submissions to the CMA. Submissions should be made to and received by 13 March 2019. There is a 2-week consultation period on the notice of possible remedies. Submissions on this should be made to and received by 6 March 2019.
  4. Media enquiries to the CMA should be directed to or 020 3738 6460.
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