Ministry Of Defence Awards Celebrate Commitment To The Environment

The 2017 Sanctuary Silver Otter Award and this year’s edition of Sanctuary magazine

The 2017 Sanctuary Silver Otter Award and this year’s edition of Sanctuary magazine

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), part of the MOD, manages the defence estate and supports armed forces throughout the UK and abroad to live, work and train. The 27th annual Sanctuary Awards, held today (22 November 2017) in London, showcased the achievements of teams and individuals working to preserve and protect the defence estate, both at home and abroad.

Winners and runners up were selected from 5 categories and 2 overall winners were chosen to receive the Silver Otter trophy or the Sustainable Business Award.

This year’s winner of the coveted Silver Otter trophy is archaeologist Roy Canham MBE. Roy won the Individual Achievement Award for his 40 years of work to survey and safeguard the over 2,200 historical sites across Salisbury Plain. From the 1970s, he worked with the then newly formed Imber Conservation Group to create a record of the many important archaeological sites on the plain. Roy also led work with the MOD, English Heritage and Wiltshire Council on designing measures to protect this historic landscape while also ensuring that the area could continue to be used by the armed forces for training.

The Sustainable Business Award was won by Army Basing Programme Salisbury Plain for their work to rebase service personnel and their families from Germany and re-role units within the UK by 2020. The scale of ABP’sSalisbury Plain programme is unprecedented with an investment of over £1.3 billion, delivering 1,339 service family accommodation (SFA), 2,600 single living accommodation (SLA) units and extensive technical facilities.

This year’s awards have an international feel with winners and runners up representing areas of the military training estate from all over Great Britain and the world. Winners and runners up are:

Individual Achievement Award

  • Winner and Silver Otter Winner: Roy Canham MBE, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire
  • Runner up: LCpl Sheona Macmillan, Project (ANEMOI), Falklands

Heritage Project Award

  • Winner: Ballykinler WWI Practice Trenches, Ballykinler, Northern Ireland
  • Runner up: Ancient Akrotiri Project, Dreamer’s Bay, Cyprus

Sustainability Project Award

  • Winner: Army Basing Programme, Salisbury Plain
  • Runner up: Typhoon Propulsion Support Facility, RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland

Environmental Project Award

  • Winner: 25 years of Foxglove Covert Nature Reserve, Catterick Garrison
  • Runner up: Longmoor Conservation Group Natterjack Toad Project, Home Counties

Utilities Project

  • Winner: Maximising MOD Energy Efficient Behaviours – A Partnership Project

The awards were presented by DIO Chief Executive Graham Dalton and Julie Taylor MOD Director General Head Office and Commissioning Services.

Julie Taylor said:

I am pleased to present the Sanctuary Awards this year. It is important that we recognise our staff, partners and volunteers throughout the defence community who play such a vital role in helping us to promote sustainability and preserve the MOD estate. There was a fantastic variety of projects which showcased a great deal of innovation, creativity and community spirit. Congratulations to each of the winners and the runners up.

Graham Dalton commented:

DIO takes its role in maintaining the defence estate on behalf of the MODvery seriously and it is encouraging to see so many others working with us and playing such an active part. There were many worthy winners and nominees and you should all be very proud of your achievements. Thank you to all of you for your support and your hard work.

This year’s Sanctuary magazine was also launched at the awards ceremony. Published annually, the magazine demonstrates how the MOD is showcasing sustainability and protecting and maintaining the defence estate throughout the UK and overseas. You can access Sanctuary Magazine online.

You can also read blogs from each of the winners on the Inside DIO blog

Foreign Secretary Welcomes Ratko Mladić’s Conviction For Srebrenica Genocide

Foreign Office

Foreign Office

The United Kingdom strongly supports the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and welcomes its decision to sentence former Bosnian Serb Commander Ratko Mladić to life imprisonment as a consequence of his crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1992-1995.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

Today’s decision shows that, however hard they might try, those who perpetrate atrocities cannot out run justice. Ratko Mladić’s conviction for genocide in Srebrenica will not bring back the thousands who lost their lives but it does demonstrate that the architects of their suffering will be held to account.

The atrocities perpetrated in the Balkans in the 1990s marked one of Europe’s darkest periods. We must join together to ensure it never happens again.

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Garber Attends The 29th Meeting Of The Parties To The Montreal Protocol

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs Judith Garber will travel to Montreal, Canada, November 22–24, to attend the joint 11th Conference of the Parties to the Vienna Convention and 29th Meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol. She will join over 138 nations marking the 30th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, which successfully put the Earth’s ozone layer on a path to recovery. Adopted in 1987, the Montreal Protocol is widely recognized as one of the world’s most successful multilateral environmental agreements.

While in Montreal, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Garber will represent the United States at the high level segment of the meeting and meet bilaterally with other heads of delegation. She will also meet with U.S. industry and civil society stakeholders.

For further information, contact Follow the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs at @StateDeptOES.

Environment Agency Crack Down On Illegal Waste Carriers In North London

Environment officers checking waste carriers

Environment officers checking waste carriers

It was a busy day for the team who stopped a number of waste carriers to see if they had a permit to carry waste, had the correct duty of care paperwork and were describing the waste they were carrying correctly. Officers also checked whether waste was being transported to authorised and legitimate sites where it would be handled correctly.

Senior Environmental Crime Officer Julia Leigh said:

We had a great response from various waste carriers that were stopped, thanking us for carrying out these road stops as they are frustrated with illegal operators undermining their legitimate businesses. It also gave us an opportunity to remind people of the need to use registered waste carriers and comply with their duty of care.

Multi-agency days of action are a valuable tool in preventing and disrupting waste crime. The Environment Agency want to make it very clear to people that everyone has a duty of care to ensure their waste is managed and disposed of correctly by the people they give it to.

Waste being transported with no authorisations is likely to end up at illegal waste sites. Such sites store waste in vast quantities and for long periods of time posing significant risks to health and the environment, like pest infestations and fires, which could lead to water and land contamination plus air pollution from smoke. Illegal waste sites are often the cause of odour complaints too.

Julia Leigh added:

Everyone, including householders, need to make sure that when they have waste removed that they use a registered waste carrier and ensure there is a waste transfer note for the waste taken. If they don’t they risk being fined £5,000. Illegal operators have been filling up sites and leaving the landowner to pay for the clear-up costs. Depending on what waste has been left the cost of this can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds, if not more.

Our enforcement days make sure that the right waste goes to the right place. People who manage waste illegally cost the taxpayer millions every year in clean-up costs. They undercut legitimate business, pose a direct threat to sustainable growth in the waste management sector and take valuable resource from the public sector.

£1.2 Billion Boost To The Welsh Government’s Budget Announced At Autumn Budget

HM Treasury

HM Treasury

At Autumn Budget, the Chancellor today (22 November 2017) set out plans to increase the Welsh Government’s budget by £1.2 billion and build an economy that is fit for the future.

This increased funding includes for the first time a 5% Barnett boost totalling £67 million, as agreed in the Welsh Government’s Fiscal Framework. This Budget ensures that the Welsh Government is fairly funded and its block grant will increase in real terms over the Spending Review Period between 2015 and 2020.

The people of Wales will see real life benefits. This money will ensure the Welsh Government has the means to grow its economy, attract investment, maintain its public services and support hard-working people across Wales.

From next year Stamp Duty and Landfill tax will be devolved to the Welsh Government, providing them revenue raising powers worth over £250 million. For the first time at Autumn Budget, the UK government will adjust the Welsh Government’s block grant to take this into account, giving the Welsh Government more responsibility over setting some of its taxes.

The Autumn Budget also includes targeted measures which will benefit Wales directly. As well as continuing to support the Cardiff and Swansea City Deals by investing £615 million over the next 20 years, the Chancellor today announced that the UK government is open to proposals for a mid-Wales Growth Deal and would begin formal negotiations for a North Wales Growth Deal. Once agreed, these will build on the strengths of those regions and boost the local economy.

West Wales will become better connected from an investment in transport upgrades that will provide direct services from Pembroke Dock to London via Carmarthen on new state of the art Intercity Express trains. The Chancellor has also outlined future work to develop proposals for other potential rail schemes right across the Wales network.

Charities across Wales will benefit with more than £660,000 of LIBOR funding raised from fines levied on banks being distributed to good causes, including the Care and Repair North East Wales Limited which supports training and employment opportunities for veterans.

To support people across the country, the UK government is freezing fuel duty for the eighth year in a row, which will save the average driver in Wales nearly £9 every time they fill up their car. From April 2018, the National Living Wage will be increased from £7.50 to £7.83 delivering a £600 annual pay-rise to a full-time Welsh worker.

The personal allowance – the amount you can earn before you start paying income tax – will rise from £11,500 to £11,850 in April 2018, and the higher rate income threshold will rise to £46,350. In 2018-19, increases the government has made to the personal allowance and higher rate threshold will benefit over 1.4 million people in Wales who will have gained by an average of £183, compared to 2015-16. There will also be an additional £2.3 billion spent on UK-wide R&D in 2021/22.

Secretary of State for Wales, Alun Cairns said:

The Chancellor has today set out a powerful package of measures which will help shape Wales’ economy into one that is fit for the future.

The commitment to formally enter into negotiations over a growth deal for North Wales as well as kick starting early discussions for a growth deal for Mid Wales are significant pan-Wales announcements. The move to improve rail services for businesses, workers and visitors from both sides of the Wales-England border, taken with the abolition of the Severn Tolls is also a clear demonstration of the UK government’s ambition to move the Welsh economy into the fast lane.

The Welsh Government regularly calls for a boost to their capital budgets and today, the UK government has again delivered funding that can deliver real change. They must now get on with the job of using the levers at their disposal to improve the lives of the people of Wales by building the homes our country needs, building the road network Wales deserves and make real progress in improving standards across our public services.

Taken together, there can be no doubt that this UK government Budget that delivers for Wales.

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