Pope Blames Poverty For Aggression–“Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist”

Catholic Church Is Wealthy

Catholic Church Is Wealthy

“The poor and the poorer peoples are accused of violence yet, without equal opportunities, the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and will eventually explode,” said the pope. (FoxNews)

Equal opportunity sounds good, but for hundreds of years, the people of Latin America that were colonized by the Catholic Church had better than equal opportunity because their land is rich in natural resources in contrast to a nearly barren half million square miles in five large western states, as the US was being colonized as they were.

This writer spent the summer of 1960 in Colombia and Venezuela and discovered that everyone he met wanted to come to America, but half of them couldn’t read or write.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, and it seems that priests who colonized those countries did a poor job of teaching the people as cathedrals embellished with gold rose high above the shacks of the people they claimed to offer salvation to. Meanwhile,  those who fled the papal oppression of the Old World to North America, even risking death by sea, starvation or Indians, did well and were prospered in spite of difficulties.

With the blessing of a Constitution that kept the church out of politics in contrast to all countries south of our border, America flourished. Solomon said, “righteousness exalts a nation.” (Proverbs)

But the opposite is also true. Since Roe v Wade and the murder of 60 million innocent babies, and the re-defining of marriage by a Supreme Court with a majority of Catholic justices, Billy Graham was probably right—“If God waits much longer [to send judgment on America], He may have to apologize to Sodom.”

In this setting, the pope comes to the US Congress where he does not belong, because “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion” and the pope’s agenda was specifically that—masked by his concern for global warming, with his idea to close businesses on Sunday to reduce green house gases (and family values–attend church and be blessed by the Eucharist—Laudato Si’, par 237, pdf online.)

But if he had the answers, why do people from Catholic countries flood our border? Google Vatican gold–the pope is sitting on tons that could help the poor very well, but it is unlikely to be given back, even if los amigos weren’t prayed out of purgatory for their family’s last cow.

Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest whose family did sell their last cow to keep papa out of purgatory, exposes the papacy in The Godfathers. A sample can be read online here–http://www.chick.com/catalog/comics/0114_sample.html are it relates to Islam.

Revelation 17 has imagery suggesting that a harlot (impure church) is in bed with kings of the earth (involved in politics), decked in gold (wealthy) and scarlet (color of cardinals) and a mother of harlots (other churches that no longer protest her—they even want ecumenism), drunken with the blood of saints (80 million are estimated to have been martyred by conservative historians) and sitting on seven hills (Rome). The Bible calls her Babylon, warns of plagues and says to come out of her.