Pope: “Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist” v Patriot Intel: “Deep State Coup d État Is About To Expand”

UN New World Order

UN New World Order

Addressing the World Meetings of Popular Movements last Friday, Pope Francis denied the existence of Islamic terrorism. (Google)

On the other hand, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the State Department and the CIA is cited as a serious factor. “The Vatican is very much involved, pushing the European Union to continue the refugee surge… The vast power of the Vatican to erase all borders and help create a New World Order is Satanic at the very least.”

The Bertrand Daily Report continues: “Enslavement of the people will cry-out to the Vatican for peace, while property rights are consumed and spread among the globalist elites, followed by extermination on a massive scale.”

Trump is an enemy of the elite globalist because he is not playing ball with the New World Order strategy. As a result, the Fake-Stream Media controlled by the elite have a daily barrage of negatives for Trump, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy topics.

A prophecy seminar in October, 2016 on Daniel 4 depicted Trump as the great tree that would be cut down in spite of winning the election and things could go that way.

Daniel was the book Christ said to understand when asked about the end of the world in Matthew 24. It is clear about militant Islam as explained here– http://IslamUSinProphecy.wordpress.com

Daniel is also clear about the papacy. All the Protestant reformers saw it as the “little horn” that grew out of the 4th beast, the Roman Empire and “made war with the saints” as it changed the Ten Commandments, Dan 7:21,25, says Ruhling.

Concern is also seen in this Catholic comment posted online, “The impostor church, that was started by Jews at the Second Vatican Council, APPEARS to be Catholic and has fooled the vast majority of the modern world, because they do not/did not hold the Faith. The world is full of apostates and atheists…
“Yes, God calls His people (Faithful Catholics) out of the false church of Vatican II. He calls us back to Scripture and Tradition.”

Ruhling is unsure about Jews doing Vatican II, and he says tradition is an unsafe guide when compared with the Bible. Christ accused the Jewish leaders of “laying aside the commandments of God, ye hold the tradition of men,” Mark 7:7,8.

Both Bertrand and Ruhling see huge events coming this spring and if “the day of the Lord” begins with calamity in Jerusalem as Zechariah 14 and Hezbollah suggest, believers will need a better understanding of the time of judgment that’s impending for the US, signaled by Jerusalem.