The Pope Has A Magic Wand, But Claims God Doesn’t?

Pope Doesn't Believe Bible

Pope Doesn’t Believe Bible

USA Today cites the pope as saying, “When we read about Creation in Genesis, we run the risk of imagining God was a magician with a magic wand able to do everything, but that is not so… The ‘Big Bang’ that today is considered the origin of the world, does not contradict the creative invention of God. On the contrary, it requires it.” But the pope claims a magic wand re the Eucharist, explained below.

“Incredible” is an overused word, yet it fits the idea of the planets exploding off the sun. Why the vast difference in orbits, sizes, all nicely rounded with some very close to the sun and others far out?

They have greatly varying masses—Mercury is small and close to the sun, but Pluto is very far and also very small. If Pluto exploded off the sun, why didn’t it just keep its course into outer space? Why weren’t Mercury and others planets drawn back to the sun by gravity?

How did Jupiter get 67 moons and Saturn with 62? Did they come from explosions on those planets? How could earth “birth” the moon? Why don’t we find the crater from where the moon came? Why isn’t the moon pulled back to earth by the gravitational forces—it is so close compared to our distance from the sun?

Disbelief of the biblical account begs far more questions than scientists have answers and this is just the beginning. ‘Big Bang’ from what? How did the “what” get there? And what make the ‘Big Bang’?

None of these question address how elements necessary for life came from the sun when other planets don’t have the essentials that our planet has. None of these address how life began, was it as a plant or animal? If animal, what did it eat—a plant? There are hundreds of questions that “scientists” have no answers for, but the pope thinks God had to do it the way the scientists say!

The pope says God needed billions of years of evolution to accomplish what the Bible says that He did in six days, but the pope or his priests can wave their magic wand, saying hoc est corpus meum, and change a wafer into the literal body of Christ, a teaching that Catholics are supposed to believe or be damned, even though the wafer still tastes like a cracker. (Protestants believe Christ was speaking figuratively.)

So here we have it—God needs billions of years for a Big Bang and evolution of life and finally man, but the pope or priest can create the body of Christ in four ‘magic’ words? For readers open to reality, a classic humorous poem reflects on this Roman Miracle.