A Message For The Media From The Frog, Scorpion & Kasich

Media & Democracy

Media & Democracy

A scorpion asked a frog for a ride across the stream. The frog said, “No–you would sting me and we would both drown.” The scorpion said, “How stupid would that be—I promise it won’t happen.”

So the scorpion convinced the frog and they were halfway across when, oops–the scorpion stung the frog! As they were both going down, the frog asked, “Why did you do it?” The scorpion said, “I couldn’t help it—it’s just my nature!”

So it seems with the media that can’t refrain from stinging Trump at every turn, but as Kasich said after meeting with Trump, “If you’re on the plane, you want to root for the pilot.”

125 million people divided their votes for Clinton and Trump, but the pilot needs our cooperation. Negative messages are like cell phone interference with the signals the plane needs to avoid a crash.

80% of the US live in urban areas that will not do well in a crash. The lawless elements of society have nothing to lose by smashing and looting. Some were taught at home that society owes it to them. Others learned it in social studies at school–even on university campuses.

It’s not just bad parenting or the educational system. The church wants into the act with a San Diego Bishop telling Catholics to ‘All Become Distrupters,’ to oppose the Trump administration. More than most, the priests should know a significant part of many demonstrations is demons and the Vatican has its share of problems. (Google)

The nature of rebellion and evil spirits is seen in the “spirits of alcohol,” when one drink is too much and a dozen are not enough. Surrendering self-restraint to the expression of evil lets the devil join the event. Going down the road the bishop suggests can mean there is “hell to pay.”

Since JFK’s assassination and Reagan nearly died, the government has cooperated with the papacy, appointing an ambassador to the Vatican. This was not possible when Truman tried after WWII because of protest. The concordat the Vatican signed with Hitler to make the world Catholic when he won the war was a fresh memory, but now it’s a lesson lost, thinking it could not happen again in our enlightened age.

Here’s an appeal to all people not to trust leaders, but to be guided by the laws of God. The Ten Commandments in the 20th chapter of Exodus (2nd book of the Bible) is like a table of contents to the law found in Deuteronomy that further explains those principles.

Abraham Lincoln was recently rated #1 of all the US presidents, and he had a profound appreciation for the Bible as God’s greatest gift to man–“but for this book, we could not know right from wrong.”

Allowing the Bible to guide our lives will be crucial in the impending time of chaos as a result of the bishop and Vatican’s agenda for disruption, in their goal of global leadership of a UN New World Order.

The Bible describes governments as beasts of prey, and the New World Order is the image beast in Revelation 13. It will be an image of the Old World Order because the pope will be riding and guiding it as seen in the 17th chapter where the harlot involved with kings and politics can only mean Rome as supported by the other clues.

Speaking of the end of the world, Christ warned his followers to flee when they saw an abomination “standing where it ought not.” The above chapter links the papacy with abominations and the pope stood where he ought not in the US Congress in 2015. Early believers were spared by getting out of Jerusalem before Titus came at Passover.

For reasons beyond the scope of this article, calamity on Jerusalem at Passover, mid-April, will signal a serious need to consider Christ’s warning.