Trump Says “Health Care [Is] Complicated”; Health Expert Says Healthcare Is Simple

New Start Health

New Start Health

Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University says the media bought the pharmaceutical lie 40 years ago when they started calling medical care “healthcare.”

Ruhling summarizes healthcare with NEW START—Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Temperance, Air, Rest and Trust in Nature/God.

Ruhling says the healthcare that people get at the doctor’s office is a counterfeit for what they could get at the grocery store, and it’s far more expensive because of what drugs can do to a person.

When Ruhling did physicals on executives, several told him that sugar, cheese or meat bothered their joints.

When people don’t know the cause of their problem, they listen to TV ads that say “Ask your doctor.” This is the beginning of a slippery slope that can take them down fast. Most of the drugs in the Physician’s Desk Reference have a long list of adverse effects and some are serious.

Adverse Drug Reactions put 2.2 million people in hospitals and 106,000 died, “making these reactions between the fourth and sixth leading cause of death.” Journal of American Medical Assoc, 4-15-1998

How many died at home? 199,000 according to the Western Journal of Medicine, June, 2000. Deaths in and outside hospitals from prescription drugs totaled 305,000, with 8 million admissions to hospitals and 3 million to long-term care (nursing homes–these people were messed up for life, and the drug companies get a free pass from the Supreme Court—they usually can’t be sued for death or damages they caused.

“From 1998 through 2005, reported serious adverse drug events increased 2.6-fold…fatal adverse drug events increased 2.7-fold.” Archives of Internal Medicine, Sept 10, 2007, p 1752. But those same figures continued to 2016 suggest deaths increased 7-fold by 2017 because the TV drug ads, the overlooked cause of ADR increase, continue.

Applying the 7-fold increase in deaths from 1998 to 2017, it’s 2.1 million and most of these people weren’t in the hospital when the drug was prescribed. On the other hand, two-thirds of deaths from heart disease are over the age of 75, and a high percentage of these are in a nursing home where the average number of prescriptions is 7 (reported in 2002 with a trend to more Rx’s). And when a resident dies, no autopsy is done to determine the cause. The death certificate is usually signed as “heart disease.”

2,100,000 deaths/year is nearly 7000 deaths daily–like two 9-11’s daily! On 9-11, Congress grounded all planes. Why not stop the drugs or hold their makers responsible? For each death, 40 people are hospitalized with serious ADR, and 15 go to a nursing home, messed up for life in most cases.

Confronted with such figures, a U.S. Senator told Ruhling that he was wasting his time, saying “they own us,” referring to the pharmaceutical industry that spends $400 million/year on congressional re-election campaigns. (Marcia Angell, MD, former editor of New England Journal of Medicine, 60 Minutes’ interview).

Her book, The Truth About the Drug Companies, reveals skewed studies and clever ways of reporting facts that mislead. An obscure fact is that drug companies don’t do long-term studies. Why not? They don’t want to know the results!

Congress voted for ObamaCare—20,000 pages written largely by drug companies, but Congress declines ObamaCare for themselves. Congress was wise; shouldn’t we be too?

Another example is the FDA classifying caffeine as GRAS—Generally Recognized As Safe. It’s not safe if people consider these caffeine’s examples.