Blizzard Warning For 18 Million Is Bad Sign



The headlines didn’t include snow in Chicago or Detroit in the teens, 5400 flights cancelled, etc.

In Matthew 16, Christ said, You discern the sky, but can you not discern the signs of the times?

He linked weather with the signs of the times. We see a wide range of erratic storms, floods, droughts and famine, increased earthquakes, and blizzard conditions when spring should start.

The Bible calls the end-time period “the day of the Lord” and describes a time of gloominess, darkness, clouds, as well as military—horses, chariots, swords in Joel 2 where the initiating event is an earthquake, v10.

The San Andreas Fault is “locked, loaded and ready to go.”  Physical signs get our attention for the spiritual signs that we tend to ignore. Heart disease is a leading cause of death, could it be an omen of spiritual heart disease and a faulty focus in life?

Earthquakes means faulty foundations. Millions of people build their day on their perception of news from the media or markets, while they ignore the foundation of the Bible that early Americans revered.

The media serve us an exciting menu of crime, sex and violence, but it’s junk food for the mind like Coke and hamburger are for the body, and taking a vitamin pill to cover the damage is like going to church and hoping you can keep a positive attitude for a week…not likely if that’s all there is.