Perfect Marriage—US Constitution & Bible Meant For Each Other But Also Separation Of Church & State

Cardinal Law

Cardinal Law

Who can argue with history? It only took 158 years from 1787 when the Constitution was ratified, to 1945, the end of WWII, for America to emerge as the greatest nation on earth. And that greatness was not only because of the Constitution, but the greatness of a people whose faith and world view was highly moral.

John Adams, lawyer and statesman, 2nd president of the United States wrote, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People.”  Are we evolutionists, to think the morality just evolves from thin air? Or might we see that pioneers braved the high seas, indians and starvation in a new world because they cherished freedom to worship God as they believed without the pope telling them what to do?

Millions were martyred as emperors obeyed the pope. Their crime? Hiding a Bible in their home! God arranged for Gutenberg to print the Bibles, Luther explained the Bible and Columbus found a New World where the Bible could be honored.

But not by the Church being “in union with the State, and the State with the Church” as Article 55 by Pope Pius IX proclaimed in his Syllabus of Errors, published in 1864. The reason for America’s rapid rise to greatness was because its people had internalized the moral teaching of the Bible—something that no nation south of our borders, colonized by Catholic priests about the same time America began, has done.

55 years ago when this writer spent a summer in Colombia and Venezuela, the people were all nice, but half of them couldn’t read or write and they all hoped to come to the US “some day.” A couple who did, were asked by a friend, Why did you move to Montana?  “Because the priest told us to,” was the answer.

The issue is freedom of thought to think and live within the laws of the Bible that were designed for self-government, just as the US Constitution was designed for self-government and as President Adams said, and it won’t work any other way!

But for a third of a century, since Reagan took a bullet and decided to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican and open our southern border, America’s morality, with the aid of Hollywood and TV, has been sliding into the sewer. The media is like a magnet, pandering to the masses.

Then comes the pope to tell US Congress how to run the country and prosper when his own Latin America is so poor. His solution? Close business on Sunday to reduce greenhouse gases (so people can attend the Eucharist—paragraph 237 in his encyclical, Laudato Si’–pdf online)

Ostensibly, that’s to solve the problem of global warming. NASA says earth’s surface temperature has been rising 0.5 degrees Centigrade each decade since the 1970’s. How dangerous is that? Why not let solar collectors absorb some of the sun to run air conditioners and refrigerators…

Abraham Lincoln was recently seen as the greatest US President. He said the Bible is ‘the greatest gift God has given to mankind. But for it, we would not know right from wrong.’ In sharp contrast, Pope Francis said the Bible is a dangerous book and he presides over a billion members who think it’s a great religion that allows them to do as they please and pay the priest at confessional.

Doing so cheapens the price that Christ paid for our sins. Sin means war with God and makes a god of the pope or priest who promises salvation in that system. Sincerity is not enough. If a person drinks poison, sincerely believing it is fruit juice, they can get just as sick or die as if they weren’t sincere.

Our bodies are made up of what we feed them and health or disease is the result. Our minds are built by what we feed them, and we can be happy by obedience to the moral laws of the Bible, or we can ruin our lives by what we let our minds dwell on. The crime, violence and sex of the media may be exciting like junk food is to our taste buds, but in the end, we have hell to pay, because we become what we think about.

In a nation where the Bible is still the best-seller and most people have a copy somewhere, what will be our excuse if we preferred an evening of TV rather than understanding those messages of destiny that go far beyond a priest’s promise to pray us out of hell, and maybe he lives like hell behind the scenes as many thousands admittedly do by the pope’s estimate of 2% pedophilia. What about homosexuality or rape of nuns in closed convents?

The Bible shines in spite of the pope’s denigrating it. Maybe it’s because the papacy is so clearly seen in Revelation 17, represented by a woman that rides the beast of New World Order that the pope is promoting.