Navy Seal Cold Shower Prescription Is Good Physiology Says Expert

New Start Health

New Start Health

Touting the benefits of cold water training, a former Navy seal explains health benefits and encourages us to end our bathing with a cold shower in a 1-minute video,

Benefits cited include reducing inflammation for joints and vasoconstriction that squeezes lactic acid out of the muscles so we are good to go the next day. Lactic acid has its own benefits as a natural sedative, as Solomon said, “the sleep of the laboring man is sweet.” Proverbs

Other benefits of hot and cold contrast shower include increased white blood cell count. These are the cells that fight infection and keep our body under surveillance for any bad cells. They attack and destroy abnormal cells, so enhanced immunity is a benefit, says Dr. Richard Ruhling who taught Health Science at Loma Linda University.

A cold shower at the end of a hot bath is an excellent tonic, and taken in the morning, can wake you up and give you a lift without the let-down that coffee gives. Those quitting caffeine (many good reasons to do so) will find the hot and cold a definite benefit.

Ruhling has practiced the cold finish to showers since a high school coach encouraged him 60 years ago, and he thinks it is responsible for a higher HDL (good cholesterol) and absence of flu for many years in spite of working Emergency Rooms where there is high exposure.

On a vacation to Glacier National Park, a swim in a stream that was probably about 35 degrees left Ruhling exhilarated and a feeling of being on fire afterward, still memorable 65 years later.

Perhaps there is psychological benefit as well…A favorite author says, “we must gather warmth from the coldness of others, courage from their cowardice, and loyalty from their treason.” It was Thomas Jefferson who said he preferred dangerous freedom to peaceful slavery.

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