3% Of Ebola Victims Caused 61% Of Cases; The Biblical Practice Of Quarantine Could Have Saved Thousands

The Day of the LORD

The Day of the LORD

The National Academy of Sciences concluded that “if they could have quarantined about 840 people with Ebola in the 2014-15 epidemic…in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, they might have prevented more than 17,000 cases and saved thousands of lives.” WorldNetDaily.com

During the Dark Ages when Bubonic Plague ravaged Europe, whole villages were wiped out while others practicing biblical quarantine were spared.

We read about it in the Bible. Leprosy was thought to be contagious and lepers had to leave their home and live outside the villages, crying “unclean” if someone approached them unknowingly.”

It was based on laws of Moses given in Leviticus 13 and 14. We shrug it off today, but if you had lived in Liberia, you may have been spared by not being ignorant of Bible truth.

The point is, there is good reason for the Bible being the #1 all-time best-seller, and it’s not just women and children or weak men that have found it useful.

Sir Isaac Newton is arguably one of the greatest intellects of all time, having invented calculus, but he was also very interested in the Bible, translating a significant part and doing a chronology that fits well with Ussher’s Chronology that the world would be 6,000 years old from Creation to 2000 AD.

Why would that be important?

In the 4th Commandment, God says He gives us six days to do all our work (Exod 20:9), but the Bible also teaches that 1000 years are as a day, meaning that He gives us 6,000 and Peter said not to ignore this, 2Pet 3:8-10.

For brevity, if we put the jubilee cycles that came every 49 years (because the 50th year was the 1st of the next cycle) into 1000 years, the 70 weeks of Daniel 9 were 490 years and extending those jubilees to 1995 when the pope went to the UN on the Day of Atonement (the day to proclaim jubilee in Lev 25:9,10) we see 1995 was the 50th jubilee in  a count from 456 BC when a jubilee proclamation gave Israel freedom to leave Persia, Dan 9:25.

From 1995 it was 20 years till Pope Francis also went to the UN in 2015. The significance is seen when integrating the jubilee cycles into 1000. 490 years + 490 = 980—the 20 years at the end are marked by papal visits to signal the end-times. But they couldn’t begin in 2015 because they have to begin AFTER the sabbatical year of 2016 for a fresh set of seven years as most scholars agree for the end-time period.

With this in mind, 2017 promises to be HUGE, and may begin with calamity on Jerusalem as seen in Zech 14:1,2 where all nations are gathered against Jerusalem to battle. If we see it happen at Passover, it’s a huge ‘heads up’ for us that America will also suffer judgment a month later, “as the days of Noah” when the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month, Gen 7:11. But what does this have to do with Ebola and quarantine?

Besides showing us that the Bible is a credible book with quarantine principles that saved many from plague and smallpox, and could have saved thousands with ebola, it also shows our world is infected with sin (selfishness that disregards God’s guidelines for happiness) so that God has quarantined our planet and given us what we need to overcome it. Those who do will have immunity, as if we have been vaccinated against sin, and will not spread our infection through the universe. Earth’s quarantine period is soon ending and we can gain a great hereafter if we understand more and are guided by the great book that shows right and wrong.