Pope Says ‘Sorry’ For Church Killing 800,000 Protestant Rwandans

Nuns in Genocide

Nuns in Genocide

Initially the Vatican declined any responsibility for the crimes, in spite of the genocide done in Catholic churches with priest participation. (Yahoo) This was under John Paul II, no stranger to genocide. Fifty years earlier he was a Polish salesman employed by IG Farben Chemical Company and he sold cyanide and Zyklon B to the Nazis for Auschwitz. After the war, this salesman joined the Catholic Church and was ordained as a priest in 1946 (fast promotion) and became Poland’s youngest bishop in 1958 and 20 years later, he became Pope John Paul II after John Paul I was assassinated. (Wm Cooper, BEHOLD A PALE HORSE, (Light Technology Publishing, 1991), p.89-90) Cooper was killed by Federal agents as he went to his mailbox in rural New Mexico. The Vatican orchestrated the 1994 genocide according to a video documentary: https://youtu.be/LfSK-_fT368

The documentary video shows anger on the part of an aid worker when a million people died, 80% being Tutsi Protestants who were labeled as communists in a Catholic strategy to get support for the “Christian” Democratic [Catholic] Party. The US aid worker said there were so many UN vehicles and soldiers that if you spit on the street, you would probably hit a UN vehicle, but all that security proved to be nothing. When the word came of impending genocide, Kofi Annan ordered a stand-down so the genocide could be done without interference. The Clinton administration shares in the guilt. Belgium officers that could have stopped it testified of their guilt. (video link above)

“The amazing thing is the Bible supports this pope as the likely head of a UN New World Order. Early American believed the 1st beast in Revelation 13 was the papacy–it was an amalgamation of the four beasts from Daniel 7, each assimilating the previous kingdom, but the papacy survived them all. It came out of the sea which represents the high population density of the Old World (Rev 17:15) while the next beast came out of the earth—unpopulated New World, and with no crowns on the horns—a nation without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America. But this 2nd beast causes the world to make an image (a look-alike) of the Old World Order (papacy) and we now have New World Order impending with the pope likely to be leader as seen by the harlot (unfaithful church) riding this beast in Revelation 17 where she commits fornication with kings and governments—the government was probably cooperating with the Catholic Church in the Rwandan genocide that killed so many Protestant Tutsis,” says Dr Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy.

Ruhling notes that when President Kagame from Rwanda came to hear the pope say ‘sorry,’ he was given three encyclicals that included Francis’ Laudato Si’ and presumably Dies Domini by John Paul II who was pope at the time of the genocide, both promoting Sunday as a day of worship from Emperor Constantine, When New World Order is set up, it will include this token of Rome as the non-biblical worship suggested in Revelation 13:14-18.