Bishop: “Catholic Church’s Credibility On Abuse Is ‘Shredded'”

Cardinal Law

Cardinal Law

So said Bp Daniel Conlon at a child safety conference. Neil Allen replied: “The Catholic Church is unquestionably the world’s largest pedophile protection program.”

“They admitted… 4,392 substantiated cases of child rape by Catholic priests, and all of the priests were protected and hidden. Many were moved when they were discovered,” Allen’s Facebook page shows the anger of many at the Vatican’s contempt for abuse victims.

“Bishop Conlon, continuing to hide the pedophilia facts, didn’t give the details about the Philly case. Msgr Lynn made a list of 35 known pedophile priests in 1994. Cardinal Bevilacqua told him to shred it (with the knowledge of 2 bishops and 2 other priests). These pedophile priests were allowed to roam free until 2011 when they were caught.

“Did Catholics vilify their pedophile protecting leaders? Of course not. They paid $11 million in legal fees to try to keep Msgr Lynn out of jail. Catholics protect their child rapists like Jesus would protect the…victims,” said Allen.The angel told Mary that her son “shall save his people FROM their sins,” not IN their sins. Matthew 1:21. Let’s admit it–if the teachings of priests cannot save them from sin, the church’s credibility is gone here too. So why do a billion Catholics stay? asks Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible topics.

Ruhling spent the summer of 1960 in Colombia and Venezuela where about half the people couldn’t read or write. He thinks ignorance of the Bible favors the church, even though their language has a word that favors the Bible.

The word for library is biblioteca—Bible tech, and its true that the Bible has excellent information that libraries should have. For example, Bible history is as ancient as any other book, it has biographies of the greatest men, business principles are found in the proverbs and treatment for hurt emotions in the psalms; and principles of health and happiness are found in the law as a by-product to obedience.

But Bible wisdom is largely lost to Catholic people whose church discourages its reading—Pope Francis called it a “dangerous book” while his priests can’t live without raping children, nuns and other priests, says Dr. Ruhling who once took an alcoholic priest home from the hospital.

Ruhling marvels at the belief of Catholic people for the unbelievable teaching that the priest’s blessing converts the wafer into the literal body of Christ—unbelievable because it still tastes like the wafer it was before the blessing. But if they don’t believe it is the literal body of Christ, the church teaches they are damned!

Are we to believe a system of priests whose “credibility is shredded” by the obvious sins of many, or our taste buds? And some of them don’t believe it either, as suggests by this classic, Roman Miracle.