Conservative Opposition To Pope Spurs Schism: Why Not All The Way?

UN New World Order

UN New World Order

Cardinal Mueller said, No power [not even the pope]…can change the church’s ban on communion for divorced, remarried Catholics. Is he splitting the church? asks Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy.

“The Bible calls for God’s people to leave Babylon. Rev 18:4. It means all fallen systems of society– education, medical care, government and religion, says Ruhling offering the following information on those areas. He says society is imploding because those systems are based on groundless theories with little substance:

  1. Education. The Spanish word for library is a clue—biblioteca. Bible tech! The library has books on history, biography, business, poetry, science, math, law, health, and religion, but ALL of these are encompassed in the Bible which was found to be profitable reading by Abe Lincoln, voted as the best US president recently. Any education to the contrary is faulty, says Ruhling who holds three science degrees.
  2. Medical care. With degrees in medicine and public health, Ruhling says drug companies got us thinking healthcare was medical care, but the more you see the doctor, the worse your health becomes as you take their prescriptions, and he should know—he was board-certified in Internal Medicine before teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University.
  3. Government in the US began well with a Constitution that was like the Bible in maximizing self-government. But President Madison saw that it was only good for a moral and religious people. Since President Reagan took a bullet and opened the border, millions of Catholics, many in Mary land that surrounds Washington, have shaped society so self-government now needs big government to control the masses that have little moral restraint.
  4. Religion. This is the basis for moral restraint. If we understand that our sins put Christ on the cross and they continue to cause Him pain, it’s like a mother who grieves when her son goes back to drugs or her daughter sleeps with some jerk. The Bible offers forgiveness if we are willing to repent and ask God to help us. But paying a priest week after week is an anti-christ system that cheapens the cost of sin, says Ruhling.

He notes the clues in Revelation 17 can only fit the church of Rome:

  1. “With whom the kings have committed fornication.” A church involved in governments and politics. A Christian doesn’t need man-made laws.
  2. She is dressed in purple and scarlet, the color of cardinals.
  3. She is decked with gold. The Vatican has tons. (Google)
  4. She is the “Mother of Harlots” (other churches that no longer protest her)
  5. “Drunken with the blood of saints.” 80 millions is a conservative estimate for Protestant heretics who hid a Bible in their home. No wonder they were willing to risk death at sea or by starvation in a New World.
  6. Sitting on seven hills that Rome is known for.

Ruhling wonders why custom or tradition should outweigh the Bible’s appeal to come out of Babylon when we have clear evidence that Catholic teaching can’t even save priests from the sin of pedophilia, homosexuality or rape of nuns as the ‘bride of Christ.’

He says now is the time to study and get ready for what’s coming, because in a crisis, we tend to revert to what’s familiar.