DeVos Wants Character Development In Schools – Big Problem



Education advocates say poor achievement stems from racist and punitive policies disguised as character development, and worry about the future of the school-to-prison pipeline under DeVos’ leadership.

The pipeline is the result of treating students like criminals in schools for non-criminal behavior. Institutions with zero-tolerance disciplinary policies suspend and expel students — or have cops make arrests for minor infractions.

Forced out of the classroom, kids fall behind in coursework, drop out of school, and commit future offenses that get them into the criminal justice system.

In early American schools, public and private, the Bible was used as a textbook. The 17th century founders of American society discerned in Scripture how God directed human destiny. Every family tried to have a Bible, and they valued schooling in order to read their Bibles–the colonists became more literate than the Europeans and probably more than those on any other continent.

The Spanish word for library is a clue—biblioteca–Bible tech! The library has books on history, biography, business, poetry, science, math, law, health, and religion, but ALL of these are found in the Bible which was found to be profitable reading by Abe Lincoln, voted as the best US president recently. Any education to the contrary is faulty.

The Bible was used for learning to read and was a powerful influence to shape the lives of early Americans. More than 150 years later, my own son learned to read from the Bible and as the head of a CPA group today, we think it did him well.

Most parents would be wise to donate their TV to a mental hospital where it is best suited, and spend an hour or two helping their kids with homework, insisting on the importance of reading, writing and basic math.

Far beyond the value of those basics, is the conviction gained by readers that there is a God who has graciously gifted us with life, and if we learn the principles that could be summarized by “do unto others as you would have them do to you” if your situation were reversed, this is of more value than all the poetry or science in the world.