LA Earthquake Risk Revisited; Additional Reasons For May 12, Says Researcher

High Risk of Earthquake

High Risk of Earthquake

The LA Times cited a NASA study suggesting a 99.9% risk of a major earthquake in 3 years, based  on their  Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s lead researcher, Andrea Donnellan, 10-22-2015. Seismologist at USGS, Robert Graves, down-graded the risk to 85%. Neither replied to phone messages, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, a retired physician who taught Health Science at Loma Linda Univ, near the San Andreas.Fault.

LLU was granted $40 million to study why Seventh-day Adventists live about seven years longer than their neighbors. Ruhling says it is because of the nutrition writings of their founder, Ellen White, a 19th century author who founded Loma Linda and was visiting there when she had a vision of an earthquake, 4-16-1906.

Casual readers think she was reporting the San Francisco Earthquake after the fact, but Ruhling notes her use of Zephaniah 1:8–God would “punish the king’s children” and she often had visions re the place she visited. She was in NYC when she saw tall buildings “warranted to be fireproof…consumed as if made of pitch,” recorded in The Last CrisisVol 9, pg 11-13 of the same book with her earthquake vision.

“Here is documentation from a source with a good track record. Surely we aren’t prejudiced! Why not consider it when seismology is so imprecise?” asks Ruhling, reporting his phone call to the USGS that revealed surprise over the 3-year forecast, saying they would prefer a 30-year estimate.

White’s reference, Zephaniah 1:8, says “In the day of the Lord’s sacrifice.” Ruhling notes that is Passover, a time of judgment in the Bible, historically dating from Egypt when God said He would “execute judgment” in Exodus 12:12. Christians believe Christ died at Passover, accepting judgment for all who accept Him and seek His help to live as the Bible says.

Ruhling explains an important modification in Christ’s last parables. “As the days of Noah,” the Flood came with Passover timing, but in the 2nd spring month, Genesis 7:11. When five women missed a wedding, Christ said to watch (a clue for Passover), You don’t know (the Greek word, eido, means understand), “for the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country.” Matthew 25:13,14.

If Israelites took a long journey and couldn’t get back for Passover, they were to keep it the 2nd spring month, Numbers 9:10,11. In this case, Christ was the master in the last parable who took the long journey to heaven. His invisible return marked by judgment (as in Egypt) on May 12 should convince honest Jews that He was the master in the parable and a bad mistake was made 2000 years ago, says Ruhling.

“Faced with the reality of an earthquake fitting biblical proportions and timing, we should all repent,” says Ruhling. The Greek word, metanoia, means to have a change of mind. It’s a choice that we can make, based on evidence. In the end-times impending, we should seek a God who loves us and provided for our salvation, but it must be on His terms, not ours. Ruhling says the reason for 2017 is biblical, but beyond the scope here.

As a fan of Paul Harvey, Ruhling promises “the rest of the story” if May 12 is huge. Harvey also eulogized Ellen White, 9-25-1997. He says that ‘watching’ is protective and would encourage all to do so Thursday night, the eve of 2nd Passover, not by eating lamb, but doing so spiritually by considering the closing scenes of Christ’s life. He recommends a biography in the Library of Congress, that’s also online here, praying that God will pass over us in any judgment that falls.