S. Africa’s Impending Racial Crisis & Suggested Guidelines For UN New World Order

UN New World Order

UN New World Order

President Zuma’s Freedom Day Speech was racist and predictive of trouble for white landowners. “The majority of black people are still economically disempowered and are dissatisfied with the economic gains from liberation. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/2017/04/27/full-text-president-jacob-zumas-freedom-day-speech_a_22058132

“The level of inequality remains high. White households earn at least five times more than black households. We are also very much aware of our people’s quest for land. We reiterate that we will use all available instruments necessary in expediting land restitution and respond to land hunger.”

The Catholic-leaning UN did nothing to stop the genocide of Rwanda’s Protestants (falsely called Communists to make it look political), but with so many UN vehicles that one could hardly spit on the street without hitting one, yet they did NOTHING to stop the slaughter of a million innocent men, women and children when it wasn’t in the pope’s interest.  They were told to “stand down” and let the government take care of it… https://youtu.be/VMQ8xbqtLBE

Revelation 17:6 pictures the whore of Babylon as drunken with the blood of saints and the clues are not difficult to match with Rome as the city of seven hills committing fornication with kings (a political church) decked with gold (wealthy) and dressed in scarlet (color of cardinals).  https://youtu.be/toBOML5W4uQ

That she is riding the beast (government) of New World Order suggests an impending change for Pope Francis who might consider the following guidelines to minimize the blood on his hands as false worship in Revelation 13 is enforced and no one can buy or sell without compliance, v 15.

Christians who accept the laws of the Bible (Ten Commandments and the statutes cited in Mal 4) and Jews who accept Messiah should be transported to the Middle East because “If you are Christ’s, you are Abraham’s seed, and heirs according to the promise” [of land.] Galatians 3:29. There they should be free to keep the Sabbath of the Bible as they understand Scripture.

This is suggested by the dry bones coming together and the two sticks that come together in Ezekiel 37. It is foretold in the context of the New Covenant Promise: Jeremiah 31:8,10,16,17,31.

Let Muslims stay in their own countries for worship on Friday, and the rest of the world can worship on Sunday as most want to do anyway.

This arrangement should be favored by most reasonable minds while minimizing the risk of genocide and religious persecution.  Doing so could let the pope wash his hands like another Roman ruler, Pilate.