Catholic Supreme Court Offers No Help For Protestants

The Pope and Islam

The Pope and Islam

With a majority, Catholic justices could protect a person’s religious rights if they wish, but when it comes to something Protestant, there’s no interest!

“The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear the case of a U.S. Marine who was court-martialed for posting Bible verses at her desk. Even though evidence at trial showed other Marines were allowed to have personal items on display, she was denied that right, Liberty Counsel said.”

The apostle Paul shows Christ’s spirit when he said, “Who is offended and I burn not?” 2 Corinthians 11:29. Every true Christian should feel the offense of a Pharisaic Supreme Court that professes to protect liberty but does nothing to help a Protestant practicing her faith while we let Muslims pray in the streets.

The Vatican strategized for young Mohammed’s Catholic mentoring (arranged by Catholic wife, Khadijah, so Mary and Fatima are common to both religions) but how did Rome clear the way for Islam to overwhelm EU and mushroom in this once Protestant land, formed when pioneers fled the papal oppression of the Old World?

June 6, anniversary of D-Day, reminds us of World War II and the role of religious faith in that war when Desmond Doss saved 75 men by lowering them from the crest of a ridge when Japanese machine guns could not kill him. (Hacksaw Ridge movie). Doss’ company would later not go into battle until Doss finished praying.

“No atheists in foxholes” is true, but maybe the Supreme Court Justices didn’t have any foxhole experience. Doesn’t it seem strange that in this once Protestant nation, that Catholic Supreme Court Justices out-number the only Protestant Justice 5 to 1. How did we get here?

Jack Chick, a Protestant publisher explains: “Rome in a position of weakness is as gentle as a lamb. Rome in a position of equality is as clever as a fox. Rome in a position of strength is as fierce as a tiger.” Chick published “The Prophet” revealing Rome’s role in mentoring young Mohammed.

Also popular is “The Godfathers” that shows Rome’s strategy in signing a concordat with Hitler, a agreement that would make the world Catholic when Hitler won the war. When asked why she had Chick’s book in a back closet, the owner of a Christian bookstore in Chattanooga said, “They threatened to burn us down!”

America entered WWII and it’s fitting to pay tribute on this anniversary of D-Day to God’s blessing of America to become the greatest nations as a result. The door to world supremacy closed to Rome, but a new door opened.

The strategy was the United Nations, but when Truman tried to appoint an ambassador to the Vatican, there was so much protest, it couldn’t happen. Kennedy was killed after failing to cooperate with the church. Reagan got the message after he took a bullet and appointed an ambassador to the Vatican, violating our Constitution not to respect an establishment of religion. Congress did it again when the pope was invited to speak to them in 2015. Bad idea–he stands for union of church and state while the Constitution calls for separation of church and state.

In western movies 60 years ago, the hero would sometimes say, “Don’t look know, but we’re surrounded.” DC is surrounded by Mary land and Catholic lawyers. CIA is said to be the Catholic Intelligence Agency or Catholics In Action. This information should not be seen as hating Catholics because there are many fine Catholic Christians, but their church does not encourage an understanding of the Bible as Christ did, Matthew 4:4.