Islam Is A Dangerous Ideology… Not A Religion

Islam Will Dominate The World

Islam Will Dominate The World

Although Islam has many of the essential elements of what most people would identify as a ‘religion’, it has more in common with totalitarian ideologies such as fascism or communism and should be called out for what it is…

The sheer numbers of followers should not determine a religion’s credibility or legality.

Today (23 May 2017), around the world millions of people woke up to the shocking news, out of Manchester England, that 22 young people have been slaughtered with another 59-people injured during an attack at an Ariana Grande concert last night.

How many more senseless deaths must occur before we, as a society, re-evaluate our mutual acceptance or even tolerance of Islam? Or are we willing to commiserate after the fact and ignore the problem?

Islam and freedom are in fact mutually exclusive. In nearly every country where Islam is dominant you see a total lack of freedom; of civil society, of rule of law, of freedom of religion, for women, for journalists or even somebody who wants to leave Islam.

Where Islam has rooted itself into Western society, its followers seek to impose Sharia Law, forcing the host culture to change and to accommodate what is really quite a violent and oppressive ideology.

The time has come for our leaders to revoke tax incentives, local exemptions and licenses or permits for mosques and Islamic educational institutions. The next step would be for residents to be permitted to hold referendums that seek to force the closure of Islamic centres in their neighbourhoods.

We are still free to decide to prevent the continued encroachment and destructive behaviour of Islam. Our window of opportunity for action, however, is not opened-ended.


Originally published on LinkedIn