Peace On The Korean Peninsula

Korean Peninsula

Korean Peninsula

President Trump, the voice of the Free World, and Chairman Kim, leader of one of the few surviving communist states in the world met one another for the first time on 12 June at 0900.

The excitement and anxiety leading up to this meeting finally reached its climax .The two leaders met on the tropical island of Sentosa in Singapore, surrounded by a beautiful environment at an elegant hotel. It was the perfect setting for the summit . Whilst visitors and residents may have been slightly inconvenienced with tight security measures and road closures,  Singapore welcomed the delegations with open arms. Singaporeans felt they were doing their part in contributing towards World Peace.

Inside the Capella hotel with its scenic backdrop, the two leaders met with warm smiles and gestures for the world media. It was the moment the world was waiting for, the handshake between the two. Regardless of their personal feelings for one another, both emerged on the world stage with warmth and friendliness with a willingness to attain peace.

A few hours later, President Trump and Chairman Kim signed a joint statement of the agreed points from their meeting. Complimenting one another, these two former opponents seemed at ease and cheerful with the outcome. One of the main points agreed was that North Korea was committed to work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. It was a statement of hope for a new era. 

It remains to be seen if the agreed promises will follow through. Meanwhile, President Trump returned to Washington, and Chairman Kim returned to Pyongyang. Both sides praising the outcome from the summit, with cautious hope from the international community at large.

Singapore will be remembered for this historical meeting as the gracious host that welcomed both Leaders with open arms.