28 Days To A Sugarless You

28 Days To A Sugarless You

28 Days To A Sugarless You

“You’d be surprised to learn how much sugar you actually eat each day… I know I was…”

Bill White’s latest book, ’28 Days To A Sugarless You’, is expected to be published in early 2018. Available on Amazon.com soon…

ISBN-13: 978-1979292498
ISBN-10: 1979292493



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Bill White is founder and CEO of WireNews Limited. Born in the United States of America and now based in the United Kingdom, Bill is a Jewish father of three teenage kids. Struggling with his weight for years, Bill tried several fad diets and all the pills and potions that most of his readers also pin their hopes on… only to have finally stumbled upon the secret to weight loss by accident. If you’ve tried ‘everything’, don’t give up hope! The answer to losing and keeping that extra weight off is now in your hands and it’s easier than you think!


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