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Republic Of Indonesia National Day

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, it is my pleasure to send our warmest wishes to the people of Indonesia as you celebrate your 73rd year of independence this August 17th.

Our relationship is founded on shared democratic values and ideals. This common vision forms the basis of our strong U.S.-Indonesia Strategic Partnership, and we are encouraged by the progress made on our joint goal of promoting a peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific. The United States looks forward to another year of progress and advancement between our two countries.

I send my deepest congratulations to you on this National Day and wish you continued success for years to come.

The UK And China’s Leading Experts Unite At The First Joint Oncology Congress

The Congress will bring together over 1,000 representatives from both countries, to work together to help tackle the global cancer challenge

The UK and China’s leading experts unite at the first joint Oncology Congress

The UK and China’s leading experts unite at the first joint Oncology Congress

Taking place over two days in the heart of China’s capital city, the first UK-China Oncology Congress will bring together over 1,000 representatives from both countries, to work together to help tackle the global cancer challenge.

Cancer is now the second leading cause of death globally, with China accounting for approximately 20% of the world’s new cancer cases and 27% of the world’s cancer deaths, and with the number of people living with cancer rising by almost half a million in the last five years in the UK.

The first UK-China Oncology Congress

As part of the new Golden Era of relations, the UK and China have set out to work together on a wide range of global issues, with healthcare representing a vitally important new area of collaboration.

The China National Cancer Centre together with the Department for International Trade and the British Embassy Beijing, will bring together leading academic and industrial experts from the UK and China to tackle the global cancer challenge.

Representatives will attend from a wide range of institutions including:

  • universities
  • hospitals
  • distributors
  • commercial organisations
  • research institutes.

Attendees include:

  • AstraZeneca, Digital China Health,
  • four UK National Health Service (NHS) Trusts
  • five leading UK Universities.

Exhibiting at the congress will be 30 UK companies working in the field of oncology to showcase the UK’s global expertise, and to seek new collaborations with Chinese organisations.

State of the art and innovative products and services will be on display from top UK healthcare enterprises, covering:

  • the patient journey of prevention
  • diagnosis
  • primary and specialist care
  • rehabilitation and end of life care
  • the science of the patient pathway for new therapies
UK at the forefront of cancer research

As home to many of the world’s most famous cancer hospitals and specialists, the UK is at the forefront of cancer research and the application of the very latest technologies to improve outcomes. Cancer survival in the UK has doubled in the last 40 years.

The UK’s NHS strategy to improve cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care until the end of life is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for patients and their families.

Her Majesty’s Ambassador to China, Dame Barbara Woodward speaking at the opening ceremony of the congress said:

Cancer is a significant and growing global health problem. Alongside the challenge of the disease itself the additional substantial emotional and economic effects mean that cancer will remain a priority for both the UK and China.

By bringing together our experts and academics at this important Congress, we can more effectively take on the challenge and deliver for the benefit of UK, Chinese and global citizens.

The congress will coincide with the UK’s National Health Service’s 70th birthday (July 5th 2018). As one of the UK’s most cherished institutions, the NHS has developed important links over years with China, including:

  • the Royal Free NHS Trust work with Nanchang University no. 1 affiliated hospital to support Infection control training,
  • an ongoing programme for Chinese doctors to undertake observerships at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust Hospital in the UK.

Prof. Chris Harrison, National Clinical Director of Cancer, NHS England said:

We can build on the NHS’s strong track record in cancer care pathways, and China’s speed in innovation and development to foster strong collaborations in oncology stemming from this congress.

He Jie, Director of China National Cancer Centre said:

There are a lot of potentials in oncology cooperation between China and the UK, not only in covering the patient journey of prevention, diagnosis, but also in scientific research.

Scientists in this field should strengthen communication and cooperation on cancer prevention and diagnosis, to tackle this increasing burden.

Visa Application Process Made Easier For Chinese Students

The UK is making it easier for Chinese students to come and study at the UK's world-leading education institutions, it was announced today

Visa application process made easier for Chinese students

Visa application process made easier for Chinese students

Under changes to the UK’s Immigration Rules due to come into effect on 6 July 2018, UK Visas & Immigration is reducing documentary requirements for Tier 4 student visa applicants from China.

The changes mean Chinese students will not be required to provide evidence of finances, qualifications or evidence of their English language ability with their visa application. They will also no longer have to apply from inside China to be eligible to benefit from the new rule.

Welcoming the news, Dame Barbara Woodward, HM Ambassador to China, said:

The simplification of the UK visa application process for Chinese students is great news for thousands of young people starting their courses this autumn and for those considering a UK education in the years to come.

International students make a significant contribution to the UK, and as Ambassador I am extremely proud that the quality of our education is continuing to attract the brightest and best from China in increasing numbers each year.

All Chinese students will still need to meet all requirements under the Tier 4 visa route and UK Visas & Immigration reserves the right to request this evidence in full and will do so for a random sample of applications.

These new arrangements already exist for students from a number of other countries and competent authorities, including the United States, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

In the year ending March 2018, the UK issued around 89,000 Tier 4 study visas to Chinese students, a 15% increase on the previous 12 months. 99% of those who applied were successful.

Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 For Taiwanese Youth – 2nd Ballot

The second ballot for the Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 for Taiwanese youth will be opened in July 2018

Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 for Taiwanese youth

Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 for Taiwanese youth

The second ballot for the Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 for Taiwanese youth will be opened in July 2018.

There will be 1,000 places in total available to Taiwanese youth in 2018. This has been split into two ballots, one in January and one in July. A total of 800 applicants were selected for the first ballot in January 2018. The second ballot in July 2018 will be opened for the remainder of places. If your application is successful you will be able to live, work and study in the UK for up to 2 years.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the scheme you should send 1 email (only) to: between Monday 23 July 2018, 12:00 pm (Taiwan time) to Wednesday 25 July 2018, 12:00 pm (Taiwan time). The email header or subject line must contain your name, date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) and passport number as shown in your passport and must be written in English. For example: FAN Janet – 31/01/1990 – Passport123456789.

In the main text of your email you should include the following and must be written in English: * Name; * Date of birth; * Passport Number; * Country to submit the application (ex: Taiwan); and * Mobile phone number

The email account will be open for 48 hours only and all emails received within this timeframe will be sent an automated reply confirming receipt.

When the email account has closed, the remaining amount of applicants will be chosen at random. A second email will be sent to you before Wednesday 1 August if you have been chosen to apply. This email will confirm acceptance and further instructions on how to make an appointment, along with documentary evidence required to apply for your entry clearance.

Please note successful applicants must prepare on-line applications and on-line credit card payments no later than 30 September 2018. Failure to submit your payment on-line by this date will automatically remove your name from the list and your allocation will be retracted. After you have paid on-line you have 90 days to submit your paperwork for consideration.

If you are a Taiwanese youth living overseas you can also apply following the instructions above, and if you are chosen to apply you will be able to do so in your country of residence. Applications cannot be submitted for the Youth Mobility Scheme 2018 in the UK.

An email will be sent to unsuccessful customers before Friday 3 August to inform them they have not been chosen and that no further action is required.

Any enquiries relating to the application process, on-line application forms and questions in general should be directed to

Concern Regarding Bangladesh’s Counter-Narcotics Campaign

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

We are concerned by reports that at least 147 people have been killed and 21,000 arrested since early May by Bangladeshi security forces in a nationwide counter-narcotics campaign.

We urge Bangladesh to conduct thorough and transparent investigations into all credible reports of extrajudicial killings. While illegal drugs are a scourge across the world, Bangladesh should ensure its law enforcement respect human rights and that their conduct is consistent with international standards and Bangladesh’s own constitution, which includes a presumption of innocence and the right to due process.

We look to the Government of Bangladesh to fully meet its human rights obligations.

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