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2018 UK Visa Statistics Show 11% Growth In China

China was responsible for a massive quarter of UK visas issued globally last year, according to the latest quarterly report on Immigration Statistics published by the Home Office

2018 UK visa statistics show 11% growth in China

2018 UK visa statistics show 11% growth in China

More than 730,000 visas were issued to Chinese nationals in 2018 – 25% of the total 2.9million entry clearance visas granted – representing a 11% increase on the previous year.

Both Chinese visitor and students numbers saw strong growth. The number of visit visas issued to Chinese nationals last year increased by 11% to around 588,000, while almost 100,000 Tier 4 study visas were granted, up 13% on the previous year and now around 40% of the global total.

2018 also saw a 26% rise in the number of short-term study visas, to more than 31,000, and a 16% rise in the number of work visas issued, to more than 6,000.

The UK Ambassador to China, Dame Barbara Woodward, said:

The significant rise in visa applications demonstrates the growing strength of the UK and China relationship.

More and more Chinese people are choosing to visit the UK and we have seen a 400% increase in applications in the last decade.

This is due to steps we have taken to improve the visa application process including the launch of the two year multi-entry visit visa.

The UK is one of the top destinations in the world for Chinese tourists and students because of our historic landmarks and our internationally respected universities.

Around 1.6 million visit visas have been issued to Chinese nationals since the pilot launched in January 2016.

The 2018 statistics were released as the UK prepares to make major changes to its online customer journey to ensure a more convenient and flexible service for applicants. From later this month, customers in China applying online will be able to seamlessly transition between the visa application form and the next stage of the application journey, offered by UKVI’s commercial partner VFS Global.

This will allow them to book their visa application centre appointment, scan and upload their supporting documents from the comfort of their own home, and purchase any additional services to enhance their experience, in one continuous journey. Alternatively, customers can have their documents scanned at the visa application centre when they attend their appointment, for a small fee.

These changes follow the global rollout of Access UK, UKVI’s new streamlined online application service which replaces Visa4UK. The UK will also shortly be rolling out technology that will allow customers to self-scan their biometrics when attending their visa application centre appointment, providing a quicker, smoother experience.

The UK also announced last week two new visa routes to attract leading business talent to the UK. The Start-up visa route will be open to those starting a business for the first time in the UK, while the Innovator visa route will be for more experienced business people who have funds to invest in their business.

British Embassy Tokyo Is Calling For Bids From Event Coordinators

The British Embassy in Tokyo is looking for someone who can coordinate events including seminars, round tables, receptions, etc.

British Embassy Tokyo

British Embassy Tokyo

This is an exciting opportunity for you to win a framework contract to provide event coordination service to the British Embassy Tokyo on a fixed price throughout the year. The events will take place either internally at the British Embassy Tokyo, or externally at other venues and will cover a wide range of exciting and stimulating topics. If you are successful in winning this contract, you will be listed as a contracted supplier and receive regular purchase orders from the Customer (e.g. 1 to 2 events per month). Annual event schedule to be shared to give you more idea on timings.

The deadline for bids is 1400 on 22 March 2019 (Japan time).

To find out more, including how to bid, please download the Request for Quotes (PDF811KB31 pagesdocument. If you may have queries, please contact 03-5211-1100.

Sri Lanka’s National Day

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I extend to Sri Lanka very warm wishes as you commemorate your national day.

The United States remains eager to build on our partnership with Sri Lanka and advance shared interests in the Indo-Pacific region based on our common democratic values. Sri Lanka’s democratic institutions and constitutional processes have ensured your country’s continued advancement. We look forward to working together to further deepen ties between our nations, promote shared prosperity, and secure a stable and peaceful future.

As you celebrate your national day, I extend my best wishes for peace and happiness in the year ahead.

Newton Fund Supports 4 Projects On Flooding And Drought In SEA

With support from the Newton Fund, NERC, ESRC, and NAFOSTED are pleased to announce 4 joint projects looking into impacts of flooding and drought



Hydrometeorological hazards pose a direct threat to lives and livelihoods of people living in South East Asia, from death and injury to damaged or destroyed homes, businesses, transport links, power supplies and agricultural land. Climate change and population growth are increasing the number of people at risk, and changes in land-use and the expansion of urban areas has led to a shift in how floods and droughts impact communities.

With support from the Newton Fund, the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), the Economic & Social Research Council (ESRC), and the Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (NAFOSTED) are pleased to announce 4 joint projects looking into impacts of flooding and drought. These projects are expected to kick off in 2019 and will run for 30 to 36 months.

Valuing the benefits of blue/green infrastructure for flood resilience, natural capital and urban development in Viet Nam

Lead investigators: Dr Tobias Borger, University of St Andrews and Dr Van Giai Phong Tran, Hue University

Comp-Flood: Compound flooding in coastal Viet Nam

Lead investigators: Dr Ivan Haigh, University of Southampton and Dr Nguyen Nghia Hung, Southern Institute of Water Resource

Slow Onset Hazard Interactions with Enhanced Drought and Flood Extremes in an At-Risk Mega-Delta

Lead Investigators: Professor Stephen Darby, University of Southampton and Dr Nguyen Ngoc Huy, National Center for Water Resources Planning and Investigation

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Understanding Past, Present and Future Flood Risk in Viet Nam

Lead Investigators: Dr Jeffrey Neal, University of Bristol and Dr Nam Khanh Pham, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

This bilateral programme between Vietnam and the UK is a component in the joint programme among NERC, ESRC and five partner countries in South East Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. A total of 18 projects will be supported with the hope to improve understanding of the impacts of these hazards in the region.

NERC Associate Director of Research Ned Garnett said:

To increase resilience in countries prone to hydrometeorological hazards, we need to gain a better understanding of the likely environmental and social impacts. This programme of research will deliver this understanding enabling the development and implementation of effective adaptation and mitigation measures. For example, helping local communities to design effective flood defences or restore natural defences, such as mangroves.

For more information, please visit NERC and NAFOSTED websites.

Foreign Secretary Concerned By Report On Media Freedoms In China

Statement from the Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt in response to a report by the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China on media freedom

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Foreign Secretary, Jeremy Hunt said:

I am concerned by the findings in the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China report about media freedoms and the deteriorating situation for journalists in China.

Its publication coincides with the sentencing of journalist Liu Feiyue, one of over 60 journalists currently detained in China.

The UK is also concerned about the sentencing of Wang Quanzhang, a lawyer whose case I raised with Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi last July. He has spent the last three and a half years in pre-trial detention, much of that time incommunicado.

We urge the Chinese government to ensure fundamental civil and political rights are protected, in line with China’s constitution and its international commitments.

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