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Five Flaws Of Muslim Faith For Ignoring Prophets That Mohammad Said To Honor

Western Powers

Western Powers

#1. Mohammad said, “The Prophet (Mohammad) believes in what has been sent down to him from his Lord, and (so do) the believers.  Each one believes in God, His Angels, His Books, and His prophets.  (They say,) ‘We make no distinction between one or another of His prophets…’” (Quran 2:285)

Muslims believe in those prophets mentioned by name in Islamic sources, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, and Mohammad–may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, to name a few.  A general belief is held in those not mentioned by name, as God says: “And, indeed We have sent prophets before you (O Mohammad)” (Quran 40:78)

#2. Though mentioning prophets like Moses who said God gave him the law, Islam does not look at what Moses said is “righteous as all this law,” Deut 4:8. But that law offered equality and justice…

Why drive a car over a small boy’s arm for stealing a loaf of bread in a Muslim country? The Bible teaches to repay four sheep for a stolen sheep, and it is the father’s responsibility for not teaching his son until the son is 12 years old.

Eye for eye, stripe for stripe, life for life. For Muslims to ignore that law to take a life that God gave, is an act of judgment that God condemns and will punish.

#3. God also set the boundaries for the descendants of Ishmael when He gave the Middle East to Abraham for his seed, Genesis 15. Going past those boundaries is wrong as seen by the prophet Daniel who was endorsed by Jesus who was endorsed by Mohammad.

#4. Daniel saw a militant Muslim ram pushing north (into Russia), south (into Africa) and west to Europe and US in Daniel 8. But its pushiness (militancy) angers a goat that flies from the west to smash the ram and break its (militant) horns that are said to be the kings of Media and Persia. They were defeated, historians say, in 331 BC at the Battle of Arbela by Alexander the Great. But Gabriel said the vision is “at the time of the end.” Daniel 8:17. The Medes are now Iraq–this vision of 2500 years ago is half fulfilled. We will see the goat with a great horn (Trump[ets] were made from horns) defeat Iran (Persia).

Islam has no holy book that sees the future as the God of the Bible. They believe that Ishmael was spared by a ram caught in a Bush, and they celebrate it yearly in a feast called Al-Adha.

But the Bible says Isaac was spared. Which is the true holy book? The vision in Daniel 8 (above) shows God is sacrificing the militant Muslim ram (Iraq and Iran) to spare Isaac (Israel) because Iraq and Iran have wanted to drive in the sea. The Quran can’t compare with the Bible for its prophecies of the future, nor for the greatness of its laws.

#5. The life of Mohammad does not compare to the life of Jesus who divided BC from AD and who died pay for our sins to reconcile us to God. When Isaac asked Abraham where the sacrifice was, Abraham replied, “God will provide Himself a sacrifice.” Genesis 22:8. It was an amazing gift of His Son whom He resurrected three days later from a tomb with a Roman guard. Disciples who had fled for fear were later willing to die for Christ after seeing Him alive. Do we expect they died for a lie?

Muslims believe a lie if they live or die to kill others. Christ said, “Inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to Me.” Matthew 25:40. He knew the value of human life and died to give it to us.

A militant Muslim ram will have its other horn (Iran) broken and then may all Muslims understand the Bible as the true holy book and that Christ loves each person individually and will give us eternal life if we repent of our ways and to understand the His way of life.

Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and Bible prophecy. His ebook, The Destruction of Jerusalem, a Sign for US of Calamity,  is free Saturday, March 17 at and he offers more information on his website at

Who Invented Springs Of Seas And Direction Of Lighting?

(Picture Source: Live Science)

God’s Wisdom Excels As Light Excels Darkness

‘By his knowledge the depths are broken up, and the clouds drop down the dew. Proverbs 3:20’

What does the water cycle mean to you? It should increase your desire for wisdom. The great God meticulously created and governs all oceans, springs, and the water cycle, and His infinite wisdom, understanding, and knowledge are clearly displayed in them.

By this illustration of how the LORD God created and rules water, Solomon exalted the importance of three things – wisdom, understanding, and knowledge (Pr 3:19-20). The value of these things from God’s creation and providence should promote them to you. Observing the water cycle exalts the glory of God and the importance of true knowledge.

God sent a mist from the ground to water Eden (Gen 2:6). He broke up the fountains of the deep and opened the windows of heaven to flood the earth (Gen 7:11-12). A year later, He ordained the refraction of light in water to cause rainbows, to remind Noah and other saints there will not be another worldwide flood (Gen 9:12-17).

The water cycle is His (Eccl 1:7). Solomon, living around 900 B.C., knew about it in detail from the LORD. Elihu knew much about water. He wrote about clouds holding water vapor and distilling it in rain upon the earth (Job 36:26-33). He wrote about thunder, lightning, snow, tornadoes, ice, and many other aspects of water and weather (Job 37:1-24). Only God fully knows the springs of the seas, the direction of lightning, and other mysteries (Job 38:1-41).

Consider that a one-inch rainfall, which occurs often, brings 10-15 billion gallons of water on a typical U.S. county. How do puffy clouds, through which airplanes pass easily, hold billions of tons of water? The Lord balances them by His knowledge (Job 37:16). He numbers the clouds and holds the water in their bottles (Job 38:27).

Human discoveries involving water are only that – discoveries. They are men finally finding things God created and put in place long ago. The wisdom of the one merely finding the invention is infinitely inferior to the wisdom of the Inventor. Human inventions are no greater. They are men finally using the matter God created or properties God ordained long before. God’s wisdom excels man’s wisdom as light excels darkness.

Man is so ignorant that God must help him discover or invent (Pr 8:12; Is 28:23-29). Praise God for sharing His wisdom.

The blessed Son of God, Jesus of Nazareth, upholds all forms of water and all other things by the word of His power (Heb 1:3). The molecules of the universe consist – are held together – by His great power (Col 1:17), for in Him are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Col 2:3). God made Him wisdom for the benefit of His people (I Cor 1:30). Men shall soon face Him as the Judge of the universe (Acts 17:30-31).

Reader, humble yourself before your Creator and pursue the wisdom and knowledge of His Word with all your heart. There is no other source of light or understanding anywhere else (Ps 119:128; Is 8:20; I Tim 6:3-5; II Tim 3:16-17). The thoughts of man are vain. God is willing to share His wisdom with those who will humble themselves before Him.


Israeli Government Votes To Authorize Netiv Ha’avot

Netiv Ha’avot, Israel

Netiv Ha’avot, Israel

Netiv Ha’avot, Judea and Samaria, has been authorized and made legal by the Israeli Government, in a vote that took place Sunday.

According to residents of the area, this involves a master plan to construct as many as 350 homes. Such construction would significantly expand the Elazar settlement, which according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, was home to 2,568 people in 2016.

The decision will come into effect after the Higher Planning Council for Judea and Samaria completes a master plan for the new neighborhood.

The government decision also included NIS 29 million (approximately $8.3 million) to construct 15 modular homes on land known as Plot 91, which is near Netiv Ha’avot but is technically within the boundaries of the Alon Shvut settlement. Another NIS 24 million (approximately $6.9 million). will be given to the 15 families to compensate them for the homes they have lost.

After the vote, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with settler leaders including YESHA Council head Hananel Durani, Gush Etzion Regional Council head Shlomo Neeman and Binyamin Regional Council head Avi Ro’eh.



Do Not Envy Temporary Success

(Picture Source:

Prosperity Proves Nothing

‘Fret not thyself because of evil men, neither be thou envious at the wicked: Proverbs 24:19’

Do not let glamorous lives of the wicked bother you. Sinners appear to prosper. They look happy. They think they will get away with sin. But their end is coming. God will laugh at them and destroy them. Do not envy their temporary success.

There is a God in heaven, and He punishes such sinners severely (Ps 58:6-11). He will have the last laugh at their rebellion against Him and His word. Their happiness is feigned; their success an illusion, their long-term prosperity a delusion. They experience trouble here; they often die young; then they face an angry God! Do not fret about them.

The verse before you is only half of the proverb. After warning you not to fret about the wicked or to envy them, Solomon wrote, “For there shall be no reward to the evil man; the candle of the wicked shall be put out” (Pr 24:20). This is wisdom! Instead of being confused or frustrated by evil and wicked men, you know their terrible ruin is coming.

Due to television, magazines, and the Internet, you have to see the faces, homes, cars, and sins of the wicked much more than Solomon did. Their escapades are published around the world every day. But his inspired words are still true. Do not envy them, because you know their future; they do not know yours, and your future is much better than theirs!

It is a common and foolish expression to describe sinners as getting away with murder. But no one gets away with murder. Ask Cain. Ask David. Ask Jezebel. Ask the Jewish leadership that crucified Jesus Christ. Ask Hitler. Men will not get away with even the idle words of foolish talking and jesting (Matt 12:36; Eph 5:3-6).

Prosperity proves nothing. Do not envy sinners who seem to prosper. God may allow or send prosperity to encourage fools in their foolishness (Pr 1:32; Ex 9:16). David taught that if you wait long enough, they will be completely gone, and you will not be able to even find them (Ps 37:35-36). Do not envy a soap bubble. It will soon pop and disappear!

Wise men walk by faith and knowledge. They believe all God has said against sin in the Bible, and they reject worldly advice or examples that pretend sin might be profitable. They know better. They know all men are liars, especially in Hollywood, and God is true. They know a day of reckoning is coming, in which all the wicked shall give an account of their lives and be rewarded with eternal torment for their folly and evil (II Cor 5:9-11).

Faith looks constantly to the future. It knows there is much more than meets the physical eye here on earth. Therefore, the righteous walk by faith, not by sight (II Cor 5:7). They know a great reversal of fortune is coming, for both the righteous and the wicked. They know the pleasures of heaven far outweigh any trouble here (Rom 8:18). Like Moses, they look ahead and laugh at Egypt’s riches (Heb 11:24-26).

Fearing God and keeping His commandments are the greatest things you can do for yourself (Pr 1:7). This is true wisdom. You fully trust God’s written revelation for your life. You know He exists and His words are absolute truth, and you know there is great reward for obeying Him (Ps 19:11).

The apparent pleasure and prosperity of fools cause you to question if there is profit in obeying God and His word. David and his song leader Asaph wrote about such foolish and short-term thoughts (Ps 49:1-20; 73:1-20). These ideas are fiery darts of doubt from the devil to overthrow your faith and commitment to wisdom (Gen 3:1).

Let the wicked have their fun in this world, and you can laugh at them in the next one (Ps 17:13-15)! You have a reward coming that will put their deceitful pleasures to shame, and remembering this reward fills the Christian with hope, no matter how difficult his existence here might be (Ps 73:1-20). God will laugh at their calamities now and declare condemnation later (Pr 1:23-31).


The Goniff And The Gazlan



In Torah law there are two classes of thieves. There is the gazlan, a brazen strongman who takes what is not his, not caring who sees. The law is that he must pay back whatever he takes.

Then there is the goniff, the stealthy thief. If he is caught (but not if he turns himself in willingly), he must pay double what he took (or even more in the case of a thief who then sells or slaughters the sheep or ox that he stole).

Why the difference? The gazlan is a pretty evil guy. Fearing neither G‑d nor man, he chooses to break the law and let the chips fall where they may. But the goniff is afraid of humans, which is why he operates on the sly; however, he has no compunctions about being observed by the Master of the Universe—essentially denying the existence of Divine justice! In the words of Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakkai: “May G‑d grant that you fear G‑d as much as you fear flesh and blood.”



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