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Huawei – Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem

Abraham Liu is a man with a mission. As the Huawei’s new Chief Representative to the European Union, his role is to convince EU politicians and policy makers that his company is a leading global provider of information and communications infrastructure and smart devices that can be trusted, and not a vehicle for Chinese spying.

Abraham Liu

American officials made clear that they view Huawei, one of China’s biggest firms, as a threat to national security, since it builds the telecoms networks that underpin modern societies.

Australia recently prohibited Huawei’s 5g equipment. Japan has toughened its rules. The EU is now considering if it should also take similar action.

During a press conference on Artificial Intelligence on 2nd February, European Commission Vice President Ansip responded to a question regarding Huawei’s role in some European driverless cars and 5G projects in the context of security allegations against the company.

Huawei’s response was immediate and unequivocal, with Abraham Liu, President of Huawei’s EU office, defending the company saying

“We categorically reject any allegation that we might pose a security threat. We are open to a dialogue with Vice President Andrus Ansip to address these misunderstandings and intend to continue our longstanding cooperation with the European Commission as a private, employee owned company.

We are part of the solution, not part of the problem. Huawei has never been asked by any government to build any backdoors or interrupt any networks, and we would never tolerate such behaviour by any of our staff.

Cyber security has always been our top priority and we have a proven track record of providing secure products and solutions for our customers in Europe and around the world. Today, the ICT supply chain is highly globalised. Cyber security needs to be addressed jointly at a global level, and equipment vendors should not be treated differently based on their country of origin.

Singling out one vendor does nothing to help the industry identify and address cyber security threats more effectively.

We stand ready to provide any information and are committed to maintaining an open dialogue with our European partners on security-related issues.”

Britain has a board that allows its intelligence services to review Huawei’s equipment. Germany has copied it and Singapore may follow.

Some 170 countries that use Huawei must now decide whether doing business with it is safe.

Abraham Liu, as President of Huawei’s EU office, will be bringing all his formidable skills to bear to convince EU politicians and policy makers that Huawei’s goal is to build a better-connected world, not to spy on it.

What Is Local SEO And Why Its Important

Your clients are all over the place – in various areas, on various gadgets, and devouring distinctive sorts of substance. As you reinforce your SEO procedure with the most up and coming strategies, you’ll have to address that obvious issue at hand: local look.

Yet, before we present our best local SEO tips, as a matter of first importance…

What is local search engine optimization?

Local SEO is the craftsmanship and investigation of positioning great in local query items.

About portion of the looks on Google are for local items and administrations, as indicated by GO-Globe. Today, 50% of brands use area information to focus on their clients, and 85 to 95 percent of shopper commitment occurs through area resources like local postings and local pages, Search Engine Land reports.

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Your local look promoting amusement would be wise to be great.

For those advertisers who have worked determinedly on SEO for a considerable length of time, 2019 is setting up to be a year that just the most arranged will harvest the crown jewels.

While the local internet advertising industry is reliably transforming, it is likewise constantly reminding on the web advertisers that diligent work, white cap techniques, and an emphasis on demonstrated iron-clad methodologies are a way to progress.

Web optimization is a regularly advancing atmosphere and those advertisers who decide not to adjust frequently get left without a friend in the world. Abstaining from promoting oppressed world is less demanding than you might suspect, notwithstanding, on the off chance that you will keep your finger on the beat.


For local organizations, online perceivability is an essential for business development. On the off chance that you or your customers can’t move your items or discover your business through their cell phones, you chance turning into an Internet dinosaur.

Local web based advertising, all in all, is the simple establishment of business achievement. Be that as it may, very regularly, Local SEO’s effect is downplayed, leaving benefits on the table for some entrepreneurs who don’t make a plunge for further understanding. An excessive number of articles center around the general parts of SEO and underestimate hyperlocal strategies.

The board of local SEO and showcasing specialists is here to help feed you a few pieces of knowledge and well your trust in the field, and also grow your flow comprehension of Local Search’s working parts.

Tips for local SEO

1. Embed Keywords Across Multiple Listings

Making your image noticeable through an assortment of local postings is imperative to local SEO. Embed your local keywords into exceptional portrayals over various postings, ensure that your photographs are current, and dependably incorporate your business class. When you accumulate a rundown, advance it: Reviews are basic not exclusively to support rankings yet in addition to urge viewers to make a move.

2. Get Local Coverage

The most ideal approach to enhance your SEO is to show up in real productions since these are listed high on Google. In the event that you’d like to enhance your local SEO, target top local productions for inclusion and make and cultivate associations with local writers who will cover your news on an on-going business. When you get that inclusion, you’ll see these connections will help enhance your local SEO gigantically.

3. Get New, High-Quality Links

The amount and nature of connections coordinated to your site have an inexorably significant impact on its local web crawler rankings. Consider giving an introduction to business understudies at a local college, lead a discourse at territorial business association gatherings or distribute an article on the web, and utilize those chances to have the related associations connect to the organization’s site.

4. Enhance Internal Linking Structure

Most local organizations have poor site engineering, regularly with critical pages just being connected to from the fundamental route or footer. Include interior connections where significant from inside your pages’ substance, including blog entries, instructive pages and key administration pages. We  do observe lifts in rankings (maps in the wake of enhancing sites’ inner connecting structure.

5. Improve Title Tags With Local Keyword

To enable explicit pages to rank locally, improve your title labels with the local keywords. For instance, your title tag could be “cellar remodels Chicago.” This signs to web indexes that this page is straightforwardly fixing to Chicago, and will consequently be bound to appear in hunts from your geographic territory and unequivocal scans for the local term.

6. Guarantee And Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

One of the most straightforward things you can do to enhance your local SEO is guaranteeing your Google My Business profile. This is a professional reference that appears for local looks. You need a physical area or address (not a P.O. put away) to set or guarantee a posting. Streamlining this profile with class, contact data, pictures and business hours gives a major lift in local inquiry.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (Mashonaland Central Boss) Scandal, Involving Raffle Tickets

Zimbabwe Republic Police Mashonaland Central Boss has been alleged to be involved in scandal involving raffle tickets for a horse race competition.

A source in the ZRP  who spoke to Bulawayo24 said, “Junior ZRP officers and members in Mashonaland Central are being forced to buy raffle tickets for horse race which was supposed to be held sometime ago, meaning to say the tickets expired already.

“The Propol is threatening to transfer those who are defaulting this order which is said to have come from the Commissioner General Police Godwin Tandabantu Matanga himself.

“We thought this gross corrupt and abuse of office was done after the Former CGP Augustine  Chihuri era but it is  happening again in the 2nd Republic. Just imagine how much the police are earning. If converted to US$ it is just peanuts. It is  $75. But being forced to pay $10 for 5 coupons is now a routine in Mash Central.It is now the members of the Police service who are sponsoring the organisation.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday blasted the siphoning of public funds by officials .

The President was officiating the Public Sector Audit Conference.

“Financial crimes have become more sophisticated and this means we have to adopt modern contemporary audit systems. Criminal and retrogressive culprits will face the full wrath of the law. It is sad that we continue to lose large sums of money through procurement manipulation, fraud etc in public and private sectors,”  Mnangagwa said.

The 2nd Republic will not tolerate siphoning of public funds for personal gain.

Horror Accident In Zimbabwe

At least 47 people have perished in a horror crash involving Smart Express and Bolt Cutter buses near Rusape tollgate this evening.

Reports indicate that the buses had a head-on collision.

Police Spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said they have so far identified 47 bodies at the accident scene.

Of the 47, 45 are adults while two are children

Преследования христиан в России!

(24.05.2018) судья Тигильского районного суда Камчатского края Калугина М. В. рассмотрела дело №5-1-10/2018 об административном правонарушении, предусмотренном ч.5 ст.5.26 КоАП РФ в отношении Шматенко Вениамина Павловича, проживающего в пгт Палана, ул. Совхозная, 9, кв. 17. Его обвинили в том, что он 25.02.2018 по своей воле осуществлял миссионерскую деятельность в месте, не предназначенном для проведения религиозных обрядов и церемоний, направленную на распространение информации о вероучении «Евангельских христиан-баптистов» среди населения посёлка Палана…

Суд назначил Вениамину Павловичу административное наказание в виде штрафа в размере 45 000 рублей

И это происходит в стране, которая ратифицировала ряд международных конвенций о соблюдении прав человека! Где соблюдение этих прав на деле?

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