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Donbass Claims Its Statehood

Donbass Claims Its Statehood

Donbass Claims Its Statehood

Despite huge and unprecedented international pressure and harsh demands that were heard even in the UN premises the two breakaway Ukrainian territories- Donetsk and Lughansk People’s Republics took a joint decision to hold presidential and parliamentary elections on Sunday, November 11. After recent assassination (last August) of Alexander Zakharchenko, the head of Donetsk Republic, members of the local government and parliament expressed their unanimous opinion that the current vacuum of power must be resolved by free and democratic means – general election. Their colleagues in Lughansk, who also had an acting head of the Republic, fully supported that step which comes in compliance with the Minsk 2 agreements- the fact that caused outrage in Kiev supported by their patrons in the West – US and EU.

To prove democratic and transparent character of the elections both Republics invited a large group of international observers and journalists who represented more than 20 states, among them – France, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria, Russia and others. The group included current and former MPs, senators, former ministers, public activists and political analysts.

According to their comments to media, local and foreign, after visits to many polling station in the main cities of both Republics and in the countryside, the whole electoral campaign and the voting had all democratic features generally familiar to Western states. The most surprising fact for European representatives was the turnout of voters. All of them specially stressed that such huge crowds of people who wished to vote even in early hours, soon after all stations had been open, has nothing to do with the reality in Europe during elections there.

The Belgian MP Jan Penris told reporters that he was really shocked with such numbers of voters. “In my country voting is obligatory and person is fined if refused to vote”, he said. “But here we saw completely different picture, voters come absolutely voluntarily, with happy faces”. He also said that he talked to many people at polling stations, all of them were eager to vote to support their statehood and independence, while participation in the elections, according to Penris, “was a real festivity for them”.

Another observer, Greek former minister of defense and former MP Costas Isychos stressed that “the West has to learn much” from the electoral experience in Donetsk and Lughansk, first of all from “excellent organization” of the process which was “fully open, transparent, free and democratic”.

Italian veteran senator Antonio Razzi shared the conclusions of his colleagues adding that after holding this election “Donetsk will have all necessary features of statehood: popularly elected head of state and legislative body”.

As it was widely expected Kiev has immediately condemned the elections in Donetsk and Lughansk People’s Republics branding them as “illegitimate and unlawful”. Despite the unprecedented turnout of around 80%, and the pluralistic choice that was guaranteed to voters, the US and Great Britain once again said that “the elections violate the 2015 Minsk agreements”, calling them “fake”.

No matter what is being said these days in the West about the elections in Donetsk and Lughansk it is clear that the two Republics will continue the process of their statehood building. They also underline that both territories never sought a unification with Russia but seek to develop close integration ties.

Being totally abandoned by Kiev, with the Minsk process facing a real deadlock, the newly elected leaders Mr.Denis Pushilin in Donetsk and Leonid Pasechnik in Lughansk will face a lot of challenges very soon, first of all to guarantee peace and stability to their regions.

Our Hearts Are Filled With Sadness

The Lawfare Project

The Lawfare Project

We are devastated and horrified by the news of the brutal terror attack in Pittsburgh against our brothers and sisters. Innocents who were murdered for one reason only: because of their faith.

Our hearts are with the families who lost their loved ones, and we send our deepest sympathies and condolences during this difficult time. We are grateful to the first responders and members of the Pittsburgh Police Department who put their own lives on the line to protect our community.

We saw yesterday the most chilling of many recent reminders that the world has not rid itself of the oldest hatred, anti-Semitism. Instead, it is more dangerous today than it has been in decades. The civil and human rights of Jews are being attacked throughout Europe and North America. In the United States, anti-Semitic incidents increased by 60 percent from 2016 to 2017. The demonization of Israel—the Jewish state whose existence is the only assurance that a Holocaust will never happen again—is rampant in the media and on college campuses. And today, Iranian-sponsored bombs fly from Gaza, shot by the designated terrorist group Hamas and aimed at killing more innocent civilians.

We pray this brutal crime in Pittsburgh leads to a renewed global commitment to fight the scourge of anti-Semitism in all its forms.

Indeed, the entire world is mourning this tragedy. We mourn with them, with our country, and with the wonderful Jewish community of Pittsburgh, which lost eleven members yesterday:

Joyce Fienberg, 75
Richard Gottfried, 65
Rose Mallinger, 97
Jerry Rabinowitz, 66
Cecil Rosenthal, 59
David Rosenthal, 54
Bernice Simon, 84
Sylvan Simon, 86
Daniel Stein, 71
Melvin Wax, 88
Irving Younger, 69
May their memories be a blessing.

About the Lawfare Project: Headquartered in New York, The Lawfare Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a legal think tank and litigation fund committed to protecting the civil and human rights of Jewish communities around the world. To learn more, please visit

Do We Need The Nord Stream 2?

Speech of the GAZPROM Chairman A. Miller in Saint Petersburg October 4, 2018

“As you will know, in 2017 the volume of gas supply to the European market reached 194.4 billion cubic meters.These are the GAZPROM volumes. This figure indicates 8.4% growth in comparison to 2016.Today we start from 6% growth but proceeding from a higher absolute base of the record last year. This indicates that GAZPROM results of 2018 will strike a new record of gas supply to the European market.But here we must mark a few points. First, the absolute volume of supply will be higher than 200 billion cubic meters of gas.

What does it mean? This means that we will approach closely or probably reach the point of 205 billion cubic meters of gas supply to Europe.

This will fit the maximum yearly contract volumes for all our contracts of supplies to the European market.

In total we will reach 100% of our obligations which we have before our partners.

GAZPROM Chairman A.Miller

GAZPROM Chairman A.Miller

Without doubt a trend has emerged.

From every side, we see the demand for the Russian gas growing further.

We can see this in the framework of those negotiations that we had with the OMV on the side lines of this forum.

We witness that our traditional partners- not only OMV- state their intention to buy even larger volumes of gas.

With this we need to understand that those figures are very, very substantial.

That’s why we confirm that the new coordinate system proves that today on the gas market as a market of vendor has emerged.

And this is quite a new situation.

This is not the situation that we saw five to ten years ago. This is the first point.

Secondly. It deals with the question of demand for some gas transportation routes. In particular, the Baltic Sea – Nord Stream project.

During the last 12 months the load of Nord Stream became 7% higher than the planned project capacity.

I will remind you all that the project capacity of the pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters, but its technological possibilities allow us to export a little more.

During the last 12 months we supplied to Europe 59 billion cubic meters.

That means that the Nord Stream as an export gas transportation route from Russia was in demand for more than 100%.

This is the answers to this question: “Do we need the Nord Stream 2?”

All the existing capacities are being explored far beyond the projected ones. “


Studio 71 Continues Practice Of False Copyright Claims On YouTube

Media company's actions are targeting independent creators

Studio 71

Studio 71

Studio 71, a Berlin Germany based media company, has a well-documented history of making bogus copyright claims on YouTube. The Internet is littered with posts from frustrated creators, who have had their content flagged and even permanently removed by Google/YouTube following what appears to be a baseless copyright complaint initiated by the operators of Studio 71.

Studio 71 rolls like this…

One of its creators uploads a video that comments on a subject, maybe a news item or a song or even a game and in reporting the story that creator will refer to something which will naturally include a screen-grab or other image or media in which the Studio 71 creator has no established copyright. In fact, Studio 71’s use of the media is usually based on ‘fair use’.

Another, independent creator (not associated with Studio 71’s stable of creators) in an unrelated video will use an image or song (clip) or some other media that is loosely similar to the content that Studio 71’s creator referred to and when discovered by Studio 71 the company complains to YouTube, claiming copyright and thereby restricting the trade of the independent creator.

The method restricts the trade of the independent creator.

A recent thread on Google/YouTube’s Help Forum describes the scenario:

30 days after appealing/disputing the bogus Studio 71 copyright claim, YouTube notifies the independent creator that Studio 71 “decided to release their copyright claim on your YouTube video” but Studio 71 never held any legal copyright to the content and the original claim was false and merely a means of restricting the trade of creators who are not affiliated with Studio 71.

Making a false copyright claim is a crime.

“Any person who, with fraudulent intent, places on any article a notice of copyright or words of the same purport that such person knows to be false, or who, with fraudulent intent, publicly distributes or imports for public distribution any article bearing such notice or words that such person knows to be false, shall be fined not more than $2,500.” 17 USC § 506(c).

Cary Katz Sues CRTV LLC, Seeks To Evade Paying Mark Steyn Award



On April 19, 2018 in the New York Supreme Court in Lower Manhattan, Judge Eileen Bransten confirmed the Final Award against CRTV LLC in the matter of CRTV LLC -v- Mark Steyn and Mark Steyn Enterprises (“MSE”). CRTV LLC now owes Steyn around $4 million plus another $75,000 in costs and interest until paid.

The long and short of this saga that has taken a year to conclude is that CRTV LLC breached its agreement with Mark Steyn and the company sued Steyn for $10 million. The case was dealt with in arbitration. All of CRTV’s claims were refuted. Judge Bransten dismissed them out of hand.

CRTV LLC is backed by ‘student loans billionaire’ Cary Katz, who is now suing his own company after loaning CRTV LLC more than $20 million in what many people with knowledge of the case say is an attempt to bankrupt CRTV and thereby avoid paying Steyn.

Just what this means for other members of the company, such as hosts Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Michelle Malkin and others, is anyone’s guess, but according to Katz, CRTV LLC owes him $20 million and the company has indicated it is unable to repay the loans.

According to the lawsuit filed by Katz, the company’s “manager” declared the company unable to repay, perhaps because having the company’s director, the Cary Katz Trust make such a statement would expose the charade for what it is… a doggy attempt to avoid paying money that is lawfully owed.

One has to wonder why Mark Levin, whose reputation has until now been untarnished, would ever have gotten into bed with Katz.

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