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True Crime: WANTED, By Bill White

Campaign begins just ahead of the worldwide release of Bill White's upcoming book, WANTED

WANTED by Bill White

WANTED by Bill White

As reported by WireNews, Dina Kousta, a ‘Security Investigator’ working for the US Government appears to be actively involved in what can only be described as a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign just ahead of the publication of Bill White’s book, WANTED.

Passport and Identity Fraud Expert Reveals The True Story of How He Evaded US Capture And Wound Up With A Life Sentence

by Bill White
Publisher: Origin of Books
ISBN-13: 978-1077144156

Have you ever wondered how to get a false US passport? Really? Not even once?

Okay, for the honest people reading this who answered that question “yes”, WANTED, by Bill White — a straight-forward account by a passport fraudster, who obtained and used his ‘fake’ passport for more than 13 years is for you.

Bill White is WANTED.

In WANTED, White tells his readers exactly how and why he did what he did and he explains how he was ‘caught’ and how he beat the US Government but ultimately wound up with a Life Sentence for passport fraud.



About the Author
Bill White is a Jewish American, the founding CEO of, a journalist and relentless entrepreneur who enjoys painting, sailing and trading Forex. You will find Bill online @realbillwhite on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Lawfare Project To Expedia: Stop Enforcing Kuwait Airways’ Anti-Semitism

Leading civil rights group fires latest salvo against airline's illegal policy

The Lawfare Project

The Lawfare Project

Yesterday, The Lawfare Project dispatched a letter to Expedia Group CEO Mark Okerstrom warning him of the potential consequences of continuing to facilitate Kuwait Airways’ policy of refusing to sell tickets to Israeli passport holders.

The Lawfare Project has challenged this illegal, discriminatory policy for several years in various jurisdictions. In 2015, the airline was forced to shutter its flight route from New York JFK to London Heathrow, along with its entire inter-European route network in 2016.

Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, released the following statement:

“Kuwait Airways has already made it clear: they hate Jews more than they like flying passengers. Sadly, this company has chosen to enforce a racist, illegal policy no matter the impact on its operations or the cost to its bottom line.

“We hope Expedia will choose a different path. The world’s largest travel agency must decide whether to stand on the side of equality and justice or continue to enforce Kuwait Airways’ discrimination and subject itself to reputational damage and potential legal liability.”

Read the full letter here.

Read more about Kuwait Airways’ unlawful discrimination and The Lawfare Project’s work to combat it here.


The Lawfare Project is a global network of legal professionals that contribute their skills, time, and expertise to defending the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and pro-Israel community, and fighting discrimination wherever they see it.

Lawyers File Communication To ICC Urging It To “Tread With Caution” Regarding The Ambiguity Of Palestinian Claims And Statehood

The Lawfare Project

The Lawfare Project

Lawyers from top-tier London international criminal chambers 9 Bedford Row have submitted a communication to the Office of the Prosecutor (OTP) of the International Criminal Court (ICC), with support from The Lawfare Project, regarding the effect of issues around Palestinian statehood and Palestine’s territorial claim on the jurisdiction of the Court.

The submission, by Steven Kay QC and Joshua Kern, with assistance from UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI), highlights the challenges for the ICC that would result from treating Palestine as a state, when Palestine’s legal status, capabilities, and territorial claims remain ambiguous and as yet undefined.

Inherent in Palestine’s claim to statehood is its claim to functional capacities that include the rights to accept ICC jurisdiction, to accede to the Rome Statute on which the ICC is founded, and to refer a situation to the Court. Yet, the submission argues, Palestine’s objective legal status as a non-State entity under international law restricts its capacity to make a valid declaration needed to refer a situation to the Court.

This is further complicated by the fact that Palestine claims title to territory upon which criminal conduct has allegedly occurred, but these territorial claims are disputed, not fully defined, and subject to negotiations.

The Rome Statute, which is the ICC’s constitutional document, does not include a definition of a state but, the submission points out, the customary test of statehood within international law, known as the Montevideo Criteria, holds that a state must consist of four elements: a defined territory, a permanent population, a government in total control of the territory, and the capacity to engage in foreign relations. Although Palestine satisfies the criterion of a permanent population, it does not fullfil the criterion of government with respect to issues that will be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations, namely Jerusalem, settlements, specified military locations, borders, foreign relations, Israelis, and refugees.

Palestine neither exercises authority with respect to these issues nor has an uncontested right or sovereign title to exercise such authority. This intrinsically affects whether the ICC can exercise jurisdiction with respect to territory—such as in Jerusalem or over settlements—which cannot be said with a degree of certainty to be Palestinian. As Palestine does not possess exclusive competence to govern in this territory, objectively, such territory does not comprise the territory of a Palestinian State.

So, the submission argues, the scope of Palestinian sovereign title to territory cannot be determined with certainty. The question of sovereign legal title to the disputed territories is a matter that can only be resolved by agreement between the relevant parties, including Israel. Indeed, the PLO expressly disclaimed sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza in 1964 while, in the Oslo Accords, Israel and the PLO specifically reserved their rights, claims, and positions regarding the territories pending the outcome of the permanent status negotiations.

The exercise of ICC jurisdiction would therefore necessarily require the OTP to demarcate a border for jurisdictional purposes. Politically, this would place the Prosecutor into the midst of one of the world’s most flammable disputes. The submission therefore urges the OTP to “tread with caution” on matters involving territory over which Israel maintains a legitimate but disputed claim to avoid interference in the internal affairs of a non-State Party absent a UN Security Council mandate.

If the ICC were to exercise jurisdiction unlawfully it could result in a backlash against it and turn the Court itself into a violator of the rules-based international order. It would also risk undermining the Court by legitimizing existing criticisms that the ICC is a “renegade” court exercising an exorbitant jurisdiction, used as a tool by the PLO.

Lawyers from 9 Bedford Row have made previous submissions to the ICC Prosecutor, on behalf of The Lawfare Project and UK Lawyers for Israel, regarding the unreliability of human rights reports as evidence in criminal cases and questioning the ICC’s jurisdiction in settlement cases.

A blog post by Steven Kay QC and Joshua Kern of 9 Bedford Row summarizing the content of the submission can be read here.

Brooke Goldstein, Executive Director of The Lawfare Project, which supported the submission, said:

“There is a crisis in international law that can only be averted if the international legal system plays by its own rules. This communication makes clear that the ICC can either uphold the rules-based international order or risk becoming a violator of it, undermining faith in international law.”

Jonathan Turner, Chief Executive of UK Lawyers for Israel, said:

“This submission demonstrates fundamental bars to the International Criminal Court exercising jurisdiction over territory claimed by the Palestinians and especially over Israeli settlements, whose final status must be determined by negotiations under the Oslo II Accord. These bars have not been addressed in the reports to date of the Prosecutor’s preliminary examination. The Prosecutor should not waste further resources examining matters over which the Court has no jurisdiction.”

About The Lawfare Project: Headquartered in New York, The Lawfare Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a legal think tank and litigation fund committed to protecting the civil and human rights of Jewish communities around the world. To learn more, please visit

Global Press Release Distribution – £19.99

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Press Releases

Press Releases

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Leaked CUNY Email Shows Kingsborough Community College Downplays Anti-Semitism

The Lawfare Project

The Lawfare Project

The Lawfare Project’s client Michael Goldstein, a Kingsborough Community College administrator and adjunct professor, recently published an op-ed in the New York Daily News about the severe anti-Semitism he has experienced on campus, and pointed out the failure of his university administration to address the issue.

On February 21st, in a leaked e-mail addressed to the CUNY Board of Trustees, President Claudia Schrader appeared to blame the media for shedding light on anti-Semitism on campus. The copy of the e-mail in its entirety is below.

Dear Chair Thompson and CUNY Trustees,

As you know, today we announced the exciting news that Kingsborough has earned prestigious Leader College of Distinction status from Achieving the Dream for achieving higher student outcomes and narrowing equity gaps. KCC was one of only 11 community colleges nationwide to draw the accolade, and the only one in New York State.

Unfortunately, this very positive news has been overshadowed, to some extent, by the spate of negative news coverage that has recently appeared in the local press regarding allegations of anti-Semitism on our campus. The campus is also being besieged by a torrent of angry emails, expressing outrage on the part of individuals who are unknown and external to the college.

As a staunch supporter of the college, you undoubtedly share my concerns. It is indeed unfortunate that our beloved college community has been subjected to negative press that now has the potential to undermine the college’s good reputation and imperil the outstanding work, done by so many, to advance student success. While I have no authority over the perspectives that are published in newspapers and other media, please rest assured that I am deeply committed to ensuring a campus atmosphere of inclusion, diversity and respect. While investigations are ongoing and until these matters are resolved, we are taking all necessary measures to safeguard those who feel threatened, and to protect the rights of those accused. Our focus remains on the education and wellbeing of our students.

I came to Kingsborough last September with eyes wide open to the challenges this college faces, but my hopes were buttressed by its longstanding history of diversity and inclusion. From faculty, staff and students alike, the affection for this institution and each other is most evident. Having seen displays of kindness and collegiality when walking the halls every day, I can attest that this institution reflects the best of humankind.

I remain grateful for your continued support and commitment to the success of Kingsborough, and to the students who call this vibrant community their academic home.

Many thanks,

Instead of responding with a strong public condemnation and taking action against the harassment, Kingsborough’s administrator chose to malign the press for sharing Mr. Goldstein’s story.

Furthermore, on February 25th, in a college-wide e-mail addressed to the KCC community from the KCC President, there was no explicit condemnation of the anti-Semitism experienced by Goldstein; rather, the incidents were merely treated as “allegations of anti-Semitism”. While the e-mail claims investigations are ongoing, Michael Goldstein has not received any clarification on the status of his claims.

The CUNY administrator’s reaction underscores not only the college’s abject failure in preventing anti-Semitism, but also its refusal to come to terms with anti-Semitism on its campus.

The Lawfare Project will continue defending the civil rights of Mr. Goldstein and calls on the CUNY administration, as well as New York’s elected leadership, to seriously investigate the anti-Semitism plaguing their public campuses. It is time for them to take meaningful steps to hold perpetuators accountable and create a safer campus for all students and faculty.


About the Lawfare Project: Headquartered in New York, The Lawfare Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a legal think tank and litigation fund committed to protecting the civil and human rights of Jewish communities around the world. To learn more, please visit

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