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New Year Reception At The Kremlin

Vladimir Putin attended a gala reception celebrating the New Year 2018

New Year reception at the Kremlin

New Year reception at the Kremlin

As part of the gala events organised at the State Kremlin Palace, the President also attended the performance of Russia’s Children’s Choir and met with elected and acting regional governors as well as those who resigned in 2017.

* * *

Speech at gala reception devoted to seeing in the 2018

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Colleagues, friends,

I am happy to welcome you as we approach the New Year 2018.

Today everyone has a lot of pre-holiday concerns. We are trying to complete urgent tasks and observe the review schedule.

This holiday has its own New Year’s challenges and commotion as well as good traditions. We are following them with the hope and belief in the best things.

Each of you, every family has had its own record in the outgoing year. Some people will consider it successful whereas for others it was not easy. For them, it has been a year of overcoming difficulties.

But I am sure that each of us has tried to fulfil his goals, do something good for the country, for people around, for our families, and for those who are near to us and who need help and support.

The road to achieving a goal and attaining a result, for progress and preparedness to be useful always means development, gaining experience and knowledge, and displaying persistence and resolve, courage and responsibility.

Those who have gathered here today are displaying these very qualities and helping achieve our common goals – the prosperity of Russia and our people.

I am sincerely grateful to you for your honest, professional work, successes in government service, on the battlefield, in public affairs, business and creative endeavours.

Let us remember the outgoing year as yet another important stage in our life. We are bidding farewell to it, understanding that many new concerns, tasks and ambitious plans lie ahead. I am convinced that we will achieve success by all means and resolve even the most complicated challenges. Everything is in our hands and everything depends on us alone!

Please accept my sincere greetings on the coming New Year 2018. I wish you and your families and friends good health and energy, and a striving to reach new goals.

Allow me to offer a toast.

To the wellbeing and prosperity of the people of Russia!

To our Motherland!

To Russia!

Happy New Year to you!

Readout Of Secretary Tillerson’s Phone Call With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

Rex W. Tillerson

Rex W. Tillerson

The following is attributable to Spokesperson Heather Nauert:

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke yesterday by phone.

The two discussed concerns related to the DPRK’s destabilizing nuclear program and emphasized that neither the United States nor Russia accepts the DPRK as a nuclear power. Both sides agreed that they will continue to work toward a diplomatic solution to achieve a denuclearized Korean peninsula. On Syria, they discussed the importance of supporting the Geneva process to achieve a peaceful resolution of the Syrian conflict as called for in the Joint Statement made by Presidents Trump and Putin in DaNang, Vietnam. Underscoring the U.S. concern with the rising violence in eastern Ukraine, the Secretary requested that Russia return its representatives to the Joint Center on Coordination and Control and lower the level of violence.

Meeting With Senior Defence Ministry Officials And Commanders Of Military Districts And The Northern Fleet

Vladimir Putin met with senior officials of the Defence Ministry and commanders of military districts and the Northern Fleet during his visit to the Peter the Great Military Academy of the Strategic Missile Forces

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Syrian Arab Republic

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief on the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Syrian Arab Republic

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Please.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu: Comrade Supreme Commander-in-Chief,

Your order to withdraw Russian forces from the Syrian Arab Republic has been fulfilled. Air force units, specialists of the International Mine Action Centre, military medics, a combined medical detachment, military police battalion personnel and Special Operations Forces personnel have returned to Russia.

Thirty-six planes and four helicopters arrived at their base aerodromes. In addition, six long-range Tu-22 bombers arrived at their home bases and 127 units of automotive special hardware were transported to Novorossiysk by sea.

Staying in Syria as part of efforts to assist the political settlement and restore peaceful life are the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of Opposing Sides, at full strength, and three military police battalions exercising control in de-escalation zones in accordance with your decision.

Also, in accordance with international treaties, our two bases, the air force group at the Khmeimim air base and the naval supply and maintenance facility at Tartus, stay on a permanent basis.

In accordance with your order, the permanent presence of Russian ships and submarines carrying high-precision long-range weapons will be ensured in the Mediterranean Sea.

In this connection, I ask you to approve the structure and personnel of the units deployed at Tartus and Khmeimim.


Foreign Secretary Arrives In Moscow

The Foreign Secretary has arrived in Moscow for talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrives in Moscow for talks with Foreign Minister Lavrov

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrives in Moscow for talks with Foreign Minister Lavrov

During face-to-face talks in Moscow with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov, Mr Johnson will encourage cooperation on joint international challenges, including preserving the Iran nuclear deal and the threat posed by North Korea.

He will say that as permanent members of the UN Security Council the two countries should work closely together – as they historically did in the Second World War and, more recently, on the Iran nuclear deal.

But he will stress the UK will continue to defend its interests where they, and those of its allies, are threatened amid concerns that hostilities between Russia and the West are the highest since the end of the Cold War.

During the discussions, Mr Johnson will say our relationship with Russia cannot be ‘business as usual’ while it continues to support destabilising activities in Europe.

The Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

The UK and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council, and its right that we continue to talk to each other.

Our relations with Russia cannot be ‘business as usual’ whilst Russia continues to attempt to destabilise European states, including Ukraine.

However, it is vital for international security that we do talk to each other – as the consequences of miscommunication or misunderstanding are grave. My visit to Russia comes at a critical time as we need to work together to solve the world’s most pressing global challenges.

We have a relationship with Russia that spans over 450 years. Our similarities and historical links far outweigh our current political disagreements.

The Kremlin has positioned Russia in direct opposition to the West, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

UK and Russia global security engagement

The visit will also be an opportunity to discuss important areas of cooperation, such as our security preparations for next summer’s World Cup.

The UK and Russia share a common goal of a safe, secure World Cup. Thousands of fans from the UK are expected to travel to Russia. The UK is already working with Russia to help ensure the safety of British supporters at the tournament. This has included regular visits by UK police to Russia and reciprocal visits by Russian police to the UK.

Telephone Conversation With Acting Chancellor Of Germany Angela Merkel

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with acting Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel at the initiative of the German side

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

While discussing the crisis situation in southeastern Ukraine, Angela Merkel was interested to know the reasons for the withdrawal of Russian army officers from the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire and Stabilisation of the Line of the Contact between the Sides (JCCC).

Vladimir Putin noted in particular that for a long time the Ukrainian authorities have been purposely complicating the presence of Russian officers and the performance of their duties through various restrictions and provocations. There has been no response to Russia’s repeated proposals to deal with the unacceptable situation that has evolved.

The Russian and German leaders agreed to continue the discussion of outstanding issues that must be resolved in order for the JCCC to resume full-fledged operation. They agreed that their aides would continue to work on conditions that would make it possible for Russian officers to return to the centre.

In addition, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel spoke in favour of implementing the initiative to exchange persons held by the parties to the domestic Ukrainian conflict as soon as possible, and supported the Christmas armistice declared by the Contact Group.

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