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BatchOutput Server For InDesign Now Supports Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Zevrix Solutions today released BatchOutput Server 4.8.2, a compatibility update to its powerful output workflow automation solution for Adobe InDesign. Developed originally for a major magazine publisher in the United States to free up their operator computers from outputting InDesign files, the software automates InDesign workflow by processing files from hot folders. The software offloads printing and exporting to PDF and PostScript to a central system leaving operator workstations free from the output process.

The new update makes BatchOutput Server compatible with the recently released Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. In addition it improves reliability of remote monitoring of BatchOutput Server processing from user stations.

“BatchOutput Server is an extremely useful utility for a busy production facility or advertising agency”, writes David Creamer in Layers magazine, “It can save lots of time – which equates to money.”

Under BatchOutput Server workflow, production artists and prepress operators simply submit InDesign files to hot folders that reside on the network. BatchOutput Server automatically outputs the files from its dedicated station using hot folder settings, and will auto-activate document fonts as well.

BatchOutput Server offers the following key features and benefits:

Process InDesign files automatically from hot folders
-Export as single pages
-Update modified links automatically
-Variable output file names
-Auto-activate document fonts
-Automatic e-mail notifications of process stages and errors
-Detailed process history and logs
-Easy to install and set up

Pricing and Availability:
BatchOutput Server can be purchased from Zevrix web site for US$699.95, as well as from authorized resellers. Trial is also available for download. The update is free for licensed users. BatchOutput Server is a Universal Binary, runs on Mac OS X 10.4.2-10.8 and works with Adobe InDesign CS3-CS6.

New ProtectStar iShredder 2 Pro Secure Erase Data On iPhone

The new iShredder  from ProtectStar offers military-grade security and will overwrite the free storage space of the device, according to the guidelines of the government services.

In a nutshell:

–      The new iShredder 2 from ProtectStar is a popular security utility app

–      Like an Industrial Grade paper shredder, this tiny program goes beyond international security standards?

–      Secure erasing methods such as DoD 5220.22-M ECE, US Army, NATO Standard and Gutmann

–      11 possible deletion methods

–      Completely beyond recovery even for experts and government agencies

–      Available in four languages: English, Spanish, German and Portugese

–      Technical support by e-Mail

–      Price: US$4.99

Many Apple fans like to be on the cutting-edge of technology. When Apple releases a new model of the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad a great number of users immediately purchase the current all-round hardware in the pocket or briefcase version.

What to do with the old model? It is often given away or sold. The problem: even though the devices are small, they often contain a whole life. Personal photos, videos, appointments, addresses, e-mails with sensitive content, internet links as well as private records in apps.

It’s simple for hackers and prying minds, to restore supposedly deleted files from the memory on your Apple device these days.

Before you sell or give away your Apple device, you’ll need to make sure that all your personal files on the device have been mutilated beyond recovery.??

Like an Industrial Grade paper shredder, this tiny program goes beyond international security standards: ??

The new ProtectStar iShredder 2 Pro is very easy to use. It can simply be transferred to the iPhone or iPod touch after they have been restored to the factory condition.

??It takes just three simple steps to overwrite the free space using patented security standards, making it impossible to rescue any deleted files.

??First, open ProtectStar™ iShredder

?Second, select a secure deletion algorithm?

Third, start the deletion process???

?ProtectStar™ iShredder surpasses international standards used by state and military organisations in secure file deletion with a wide selection of tried-and-trusted state-of-the-art deletion algorithms.

??Each algorithm has been analysed by authorities and independent organisations to make sure it really does what it says on the tin – data destruction beyond redemption.??Depending on the edition, the iShredder package comes with deletion algorithms such as DoD 5220.22-M E, US Air Force (AFSSI-5020), US Army AR380-19, DoD 5220.22-M ECE, BSI/VS-ITR TL-03423 Standard, BSI-VS-2011, NATO Standard, Gutmann, HMG InfoSec No.5, DoD 5220.22 SSD and others.

The new ProtectStar iShredder Pro (4.0 MB) for iPhone and iPod touch is available in the languages English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and can be found under the category ‘Utilities’ on the AppStore.

The app is priced at US$ 4.99

Product Information:

AppStore: ProtectStar iShredder Pro

NHS Sued by Novartis for Funding Unapproved Drug To Treat Wet AMD

Wet (AMD) Age related Macular Degeneration is a medical condition that commonly affects people of older age that is a common cause of vision loss. Novartis manufactures the treatment drug for Wet AMD, Lucentis, which is an expensive drug but is internationally recognised and approved by Europe’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. However, NHS Hampshire decides to fund Avastin, a cheaper treatment compared to Lucentis.

The very reason that Avastin is cheaper and is considered an unauthorised treatment has caused Novartis to take legal action against the NHS. Novartis claims that Lucentis is the only treatment licensed by drug regulators for Wet AMD and that prescribing a private drug, although cheaper, poses high risk to the safety of patients with the condition.

According to a statement from the Novartis law firm, it is unacceptable for the NHS to prescribe an unlicensed drug and place the patients’ safety and treatment at risk when there is an effective, licensed and recommended medicine available. This decision undermines the whole regulatory process set to safeguard NHS patients.

NHS spokesperson defended that their pronouncement to fund Avastin is lawful. They pointed out that they have a policy wherein ophthalmologists have an option to use either Avastin (which costs £60 per injection) or Lucentis (costing almost 75 times more expensive than Avastin) to prescribe to AMD patients. The choice of drug is for the patient and the clinician to decide. Avastin has been proven to treat AMD cases and is far more cost effective than Lucentis which costs £740 per injection.
Research of the NHS says that around 70 percent of patients with Wet AMD will worsen with severe sight loss in two years upon diagnosis. With the use of Avastin, funding for the treatment of other eye related condition will now be possible.

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NHS Offers Unpaid Leaves And Reduced Hours To Medical Staff To Cut Budget

Swansea NHS Trust announced to 16,000 employees to apply for additional leave credits on top of their annual leave but without pay. This “Leave Purchase Scheme” is made to cut the Trust’s debt by £12 million. While this decision opens up issues of risk to health care service, it remains as a perfect opportunity for the Trust to produce efficiency, especially at this time of economic hardship.

The health board, however, is firm in their decision not to approve extra vacation leave if it is not for the benefit of the patients. The quality of health service is still the top most priority.

Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust plans to reduce their working hours and overtime of staff. Employees who will work off time will neither be paid as the Trust aims to save at least £2 million costs every month. The Trust runs 3 hospitals including Pinderfields, Dewsbury and Pontefract Hospitals and has incurred up to £20 million worth of debts. The £2 million monthly cut will give them £24 million savings for the next 12 months, enough to cover their obligations.

Reducing the workforce is the only way to increase their savings to a large scale as needed according to Stephen Eames, the acting chief executive of the Mid Yorkshire Trust. More than 70 percent of the overall expenditures come from staff costs and Eames deemed this cost saving measure necessary. This is a part of their commitment to deliver sustainable service to the community and to help save the future of the country’s health sector.

The NHS Trust had other feasible plans to consider such as requiring the staff to shoulder the cost of their professional registration fee and shifting to a one-time monthly pay for all employees.

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NHS Employee Expects Compensation For Winning Bullying Complaint

Mrs. Nanette Brown, now 55, worked for 28 years as an information manager at Philip Hospital. Since the induction of Eric Lewis as her boss in year 2000, Mrs. Bowen had suffered harassment for over 3 years under his supervision. It took quite some time for her to recover from her nervous breakdown and was therefore unable to return to her work.

Mrs. Brown’s union, the Unison, and the Thompsons helped her to bring the case and raise her claim to the Swansea County Court. According to the solicitor’s statements, Mr. Lewis made Mrs. Brown’s last 3 years in the hospital like hell. Mr. Lewis banned his subordinate from attending important job meetings and was practically aggressive. He harassed her through making sexual intimation. Mrs. Brown was sacked from work while she was sick and suffering from panic attacks due to too much stress.

The head of health of the Unison in Wales, Mr. Dave Galligan, pointed out that this kind of harassment towards NHS employees have been existing for a long time now and this has caused severe physical, emotional, and mental breakdowns to the victims. Bullying does not only cause disgrace to the NHS but also loss of skilled workers resulting in a worsening quality of public health service. Moreover, Mr. Galligan called out to all employers in the UK to start listening to the concerns of their staff and should start doing something to address it.

Hywel Dda Trust of NHS had released a statement through their spokesperson saying that the Trust’s policies never tolerated any kind of bullying and harassment in the workplace. There are appropriate procedures and sanctions towards any claims of inapt behaviour whether the offender is a senior staff or a normal employee of the NHS.

Ever since this case was raised against the Trust, the management agreed to review their current system governing the workplace health of all employees. The Trust will also consider giving additional trainings and improve procedures whenever handling claims and issues regarding all types of bullying and discrimination.

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