Collegiate Institutional Membership

Become A Collegiate Institutional Member

Become A Collegiate Institutional Member

Becoming a Collegiate Institutional Member in WireNews is one of the easiest ways your school, college or university can demonstrate to students (and parents) its commitment to producing the best journalists possible.

Furthermore, it will help expose your students to the world’s largest and most broad-based membership organisation for journalists — augmenting their experience and journalism education.

For just £259.99 a year, your educational institution can join WireNews as a Collegiate Institutional Member and receive the following benefits:

– Your name on’s Collegiate Institutional Membership page that links to your institution’s Website;


– A 50% discount on individual Press Card credential memberships for students and professionals from your school. This benefit will help you in building a chapter on your campus, saving members nearly £30 per year;


– Complimentary unlimited access to WireNews for purposes of posting press releases, news and announcements;

For more information about becoming a Collegiate Institutional Member, please contact WireNews using the following form.