Cary Katz Sues CRTV LLC, Seeks To Evade Paying Mark Steyn Award



On April 19, 2018 in the New York Supreme Court in Lower Manhattan, Judge Eileen Bransten confirmed the Final Award against CRTV LLC in the matter of CRTV LLC -v- Mark Steyn and Mark Steyn Enterprises (“MSE”). CRTV LLC now owes Steyn around $4 million plus another $75,000 in costs and interest until paid.

The long and short of this saga that has taken a year to conclude is that CRTV LLC breached its agreement with Mark Steyn and the company sued Steyn for $10 million. The case was dealt with in arbitration. All of CRTV’s claims were refuted. Judge Bransten dismissed them out of hand.

CRTV LLC is backed by ‘student loans billionaire’ Cary Katz, who is now suing his own company after loaning CRTV LLC more than $20 million in what many people with knowledge of the case say is an attempt to bankrupt CRTV and thereby avoid paying Steyn.

Just what this means for other members of the company, such as hosts Mark Levin, Steven Crowder, Michelle Malkin and others, is anyone’s guess, but according to Katz, CRTV LLC owes him $20 million and the company has indicated it is unable to repay the loans.

According to the lawsuit filed by Katz, the company’s “manager” declared the company unable to repay, perhaps because having the company’s director, the Cary Katz Trust make such a statement would expose the charade for what it is… a doggy attempt to avoid paying money that is lawfully owed.

One has to wonder why Mark Levin, whose reputation has until now been untarnished, would ever have gotten into bed with Katz.