Dover-Based Lawyer With ‘Experience’ Or Is It ‘History’?

Michael T Pearson hiding behind his wife

Michael T Pearson hiding behind his wife

As reported yesterday, Tracy A Pearson, a lawyer based in Dover, NH faces accusations that she and her sibling mislead their brother into believing that both their parents had died several years ago. A complaint has been forwarded to the NH Bar Association and to the NH Supreme Court, which deals with ethics complaints. Ms. Pearson is married to one Michael T Pearson, a lawyer who also practices law in Dover, NH.

According to online public records, Pearson was the respondent in a bankruptcy proceeding and he represented himself through his ‘firm’ Pearson Legal PLLC.

The Committee to Expose Dishonest and Incompetent Judges, Attorneys and Public Officials, says this about Michael T. Pearson: he has a checkered history that includes having been publicly reprimanded for (1) Failing to act with due diligence; (2) Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice; (3) Engaging in the unauthorized practice of law; (4) Violating or attempted to violate rules of conduct or knowingly assisted or induced another to do so, or do so through the acts of another; and (5) Failing to cooperate with ethics investigators.

Also, in the matter of the Board of Overseers of the Bar v. Michael T. Pearson, it was noted that: “Pearson of Dover, New Hampshire was admitted to the Maine Bar in March 1992. While living in Ohio, he was administratively suspended in Maine in late 1995 until being reinstated in February 2005. His primary law practice is located in New Hampshire. He is currently registered in the Board’s records as an administratively suspended attorney in Maine and thereby prohibited from practicing law in Maine. He was so suspended by the Board on November 13, 2013 due to his failure to properly register and/or comply with related administrative requirements with the Board under the Maine Bar Rules for fiscal (and registration) year 2013.”

Then there was the matter of the New Hampshire Bar Association. In 2013, the NH Supreme Court was notified by the Division of Child Support Services that Attorney Michael T. Pearson was not in compliance with a legal order of support or has been non-cooperative in establishing paternity. In accordance with RSA 161-B:11, and as a result Attorney Pearson was suspended from the practice of law in New Hampshire. Pearson was ordered to notify his clients in writing that he had been suspended from the practice of law in New Hampshire.

They would appear to be the ‘perfect’ couple.