Foreign Secretary Welcomes News That Chennai Six Can Leave India

Boris Johnson has welcomed news that the six men have started to leave India and return to the UK

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Following news that the Chennai Six have been granted the necessary permissions to leave India, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said:

It is wonderful news that the men are returning to the UK.

The Foreign Office has worked unstintingly on this case, lobbying on the men’s behalf, visiting them in prison, updating their families, and maintaining close contact with their legal team.

I pay tribute to those who have campaigned for the men, who will be delighted to see them return home after being separated for so long.

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  • WireNews Admin

    Oh, I don’t know… if I was a private security guard and I was guarding anyone and we landed in another country by plane, train or yes, even boat, and I didn’t have a license to carry a weapon, I think I could be prosecuted … if you arrive in the USA without a license carrying a weapon expect to be charged. Travel, with a concealed weapon between States within the United States (see the irony) is illegal. So, in typical English fashion, public outrage at laws whenever they are imposed upon the British. Tell me, if I land my yacht in Portsmouth and I have any guns onboard, will I get a pass from the authorities? I think not.