France’s Minister Of The Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, Is Withholding All Security Camera Evidence Of The Nice Truck Massacre And Demands That The Evidence Be Destroyed

Obviously, the real evidence does not support the concocted evidence and the official story.

The person who prepared this — — is a bit crude in his language, but his point is nevertheless sound.

We have not been shown any security camera evidence of the Nice event. Instead, we have seen cell phone video taken by Richard Gutjahr who happens to be married to a former Israeli intelligence agent who is currently an Israeli politician. Amazingly, Gutjahr also happened to be on the scene at the Munich shooting and again furnished the cell phone video and testimony for that event. As former US Representative Cynthia McKinney asked, how did it happen that the same person is performing the same role for both the Nice and Munich events?

Why does the official story have to rely on Gutjahr’s cell phone video when, at least in Nice, there is massive security camera video evidence?