Locum GP Accuses Patient Of Having “An Agenda”

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Dr. Ayotunde Akinduro

Dr. Ayotunde Akinduro

Dr. Ayotunde Akinduro, who is on salary from Glenroyd Medical in Blackpool was seeing patients at Newton Drive Health Centre today in his capacity as a Locum GP.

Dr. Akinduro obtained his medical qualification at the University of Lagos.

Regardless, I made an appointment and requested to see a doctor because I have been feeling unwell over several months. My last visit to the GP on 12 December 2018 showed high blood pressure and the doctor I had seen then (not Dr. Akinduro) ordered a series of blood tests and a chest x-ray. My symptoms included:

  • Heart palpitations and irregular heart beat
  • Fatigue and shortness of breath
  • Dizziness, weakness and light-headedness
  • Headaches
  • Deep pain in my left arm, which later started in my right arms/elbow
  • Itching skin (especially after a shower)

Blood tests carried out by the NHS were described by Newton Drive Medical Centre staff as “All Normal”.

Newton Drive Health Centre

Newton Drive Health Centre

Because I didn’t feel any better, even after that ‘wonderful’ news, I paid for a complete series of blood tests privately. The results of those tests were different. In fact, the private blood tests reported the following:

  • Slightly elevated Triglycerides (1.9 mmol/L) normal 0.0 – 1.7 mmol/L
  • Slightly elevated Cholesterol (5.4 mmol/L) normal 0.0 – 5.0 mmol/L
  • Elevated Red Cell Distribution Width (15.3%) normal 11.5 – 14.4%
  • Elevated Alaine Transferase (93.2 IU/L) normal 0.00 – 50.0 IU/L

I emailed these results to Newton Drive Health Centre and a day later received a call from staff at the practice who told me that “a doctor had looked at the results and that everything was fine. No cause for alarm.” I was told to come back in a month and they would perform the blood tests again.

Instead I waited a week and had the blood tests repeated privately.

One week later the blood test results showed another increase in both the Alaine Transferase and Red Cell Distribution Width, so I emailed them to Newton Drive Medical Centre and once again I was told “nothing to worry about”, so I made an appointment last week to see a doctor and to hopefully discuss these results and perhaps get to the bottom of the obvious discrepancy between the NHS results and those produced privately, which brings us to today.

Within 90 seconds of meeting Dr. Akinduro, he accused me of having “an agenda”. He described the elevated results as “unimportant” and “of no concern”. He told me that these elevated results “could be caused by a cold”. I got up and left as there’s little point in speaking to a GP who fancies himself a psychologist.

I attempted to explain that my only agenda was to feel well but that having been said, I do wonder what Dr. Akinduro’s agenda is given his obvious lack of interest in patient care.



Anna Butrym, Practice Manager for Glenroyd Medical contacted WireNews and said: “Dr Akinduro is no longer employed by Glenroyd Medical as of mid-December. Unfortunately our website was not appropriately updated which I have now rectified.”