MEK Refugees Refuse ‘Voluntary’Death Camp

Extreme efforts to depict the Iraqi government, held responsible for ethnic cleansing; violent suppression; deathly attacks and closely befriending clerics in Iran, as ‘generous’ moralists, has undermined “UN-US” good intentions under International spotlights.

Recent statements by US State Department spokesperson, UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon and UNAMI chief Kobler, act as green light and blame the deadlock in relocating camp residents on “intransigence of the residents’ leadership” while  they praise “generous’” contributions and “flexibility” of the Iraqi government in resolving the dispute.

The dispute between MEK and the Iraqi government over basic rights for political refugees has looped crossfire from the UN Security Council to the European Union; the UN and the US State Department FTO list, while engaging thousands of lawmakers and jurists across the globe.

Why is a “refugee” issue so ‘centered’ and vital and what makes it different from any other humanitarian issue?

The ultimate reason behind all diplomatic-Mediatric provado is the key role of the pro-democracy group (MEK/PMOI) as the anti-thesis to the theocratic tyrants in Iran. The dispute is over the “key” to regional peace and curtailing of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism.  

Iranian government press statements over the NEK-Camp Ashraf issue attest Tehrans’ ambition to destroy its organized opposition by its proxy government in Iraq. The approaching downfall of Bashar Al-Assd as well as the volatile situation in Iraq and the crisis inside the Iranian regime, has shaken Tehran’s dreamland  of a prosperous Islamic Empire in the Middle East and put its main opponent; MEK (PMOI),  at cross fires. It is at the best interest of Iranian Ayatollahs to destroy or seriously damage the only threat they fear.

Recent press statements by the UN, UNAMI and US State Department have been harmful and obstructive in the plan to relocate peacefully Camp Ashraf residents to third countries.

Deeds cover words

The Iraqi officials heading Camp Liberty have manifested a long list of “spontaneous breaches”(1) of humanitarian obligations, including forced assaults; kidnapping and hostage taking; depriving victims of medical treatment; implementing ‘white noise torture’ on refugees; transcending a refugee camp into a concentration camp; violating refugee rights by allowing surveillance and policing by agents of Tehran over the Camp; implementing three years of siege over the Camp; harassing outside aid to camp residents; terrorizing Iraqi neighbors to prevent communication with camp residents;  and one hundred other breaches of humanitarian obligations stipulated in the human Rights Charter.  

It is therefore shocking to find pretentious extol by the UN Chief and his representative Kobler, painting a saint over a demon through consecutive statements  and white washing crimes committed by sanctimonious moralists perused by the Spanish Court for War Crimes.

Let us walk in the shoes of the residents for a couple of seconds:

It is “generous” of the UN to safeguard the rights of Iraqi officials who have committed murder during the violent assault on Camp Ashraf in 2009 and 2011 that shocked the world and drew worldwide condemnation. One of the officers under pursuit, Sadeg kazem is “heading” Camp Liberty as a qualified official. One can imagine the repulse and reluctance of residents to sit and speak with their personal butcher at “negotiations” with odds stacking against you; UN observer shaking hands with your sworn enemy in Tehran and later sharing the same plot to dismantle the camp; US observers subjecting your de-listing to the evacuation from your own home; justifying a multimillion official looting of your hometown by Iraqi government under a deadline to “evacuate voluntarily” at gun point; preventing any construction of infrastructure in Liberty Prison at your own expense to hamper negotiations and helping Iranian Intelligence to eavesdrop and control the privacy and living conditions of the residents while persuading them to go back to Iran and stop rejecting the tyrants.

It is a tragic sarcasm to find UN chief gainsaying Humanitarian values in several cheap statements.

In a recent article Allen Gerson spotlights the core of the matter as the UN digs deeper into Tehran’s mudslide:  It would be one thing for the UN to act as a neutral mediator—a referee in the ring with the Government of Iraq and the MEK.  However, when the UN gives license to the Government of Iraq to do as it pleases with the MEK, the UN is no better than the Government of Iraq, waiting for the MEK to exhaust itself in desperate pleas until they are left with no option but to be swooped up and be repatriated to Iran and the hangman’s noose.(1)









Hostage taking:

White noise torture:

Concentration camp :



Breaches by the GoI of agreements signed by the SRSG


February 2012 : Following several talks, it was confirmed by the UN and Iraqi officials that the fourth group could take six generators to Liberty.

Breach of Agreement:

Only two generators were allowed, while their belongings to be taken were restricted in each convoy.


It was agreed not to prevent medical treatment and needs of residents by Iraqi forces.

Breach of Agreement:

– January 30 ; Iraqi forces prevented medical deliveries, including three wheelchairs and patients bed parts, from entering Camp Ashraf

– February 3 Iraqi forces prevented a Camp Ashraf female patient from receiving urgent surgery in a Baghdad hospital. Eight other medical appointments of another Ashraf patient who suffers from kidney problem which requires urgent surgery has been canceled during the past four months.

– May 4; The fifth group moved to Liberty, while all promises made by the GOI, UN Secretary General Special Representative (SRSG), Ambassador Martin Kobler and the U.S. Secretary of States’ special advisor, Ambassador Dan Fried, were left unfulfilled. In the course of this move, Iraqi agents returned six utility trucks, which were being transferred upon Iraq and UNAMI’s agreement, in a totally arbitrary manner.


UN commitment had been made to connect the camp to the city’s water network by 20 July. The GoI was to allow this basic need.

Breach of Agreement:

The GoI has prevented up-to-date any effort by the residents to provide themselves with water provided by the city’s water network


June 12: In a meeting in the presence of six UNAMI and UNHCR representatives, the Iraqi side agreed that there was no ban on building sunshades and that the residents of Liberty

Breach of Agreement:

So far no shades have been allowed in the camp.  


June 19 : plainclothes officers of the suppressive committee in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office seized and confiscated the equipment necessary to build the sunshades as Iraqi contractors attempted to enter Liberty.

Breach of Agreement:

June 19, 2012, plainclothes agents of the committee to close Camp Ashraf, confiscated steel rods and the raw material that is necessary to build the sunshades  and harassed the Iraqi contractors that provided the items in breach of that agreement.


Based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Mr. Kobler and Iraqi National Security Advisor, the protection and security of the residents must be “insured by officers who are being trained with the help of the United Nations.”

Breach of Agreement:

Plainclothes agents have been interacting systematically in reported harassments and justified long and exhausting inspections of the residents; causing psychological and traumatizing experience for the residents. After several reports were released by the press, these agents changed into uniforms but were not officially part of the UN trained team as agreed in the MoU


UNHCR’s statements regarding the basic rights, safety, welfare and freedom of movement of the residents

Breach of Agreement:

Sadeq Mohammad Kazem, one of the key players of the massacres of Ashraf in July 2009 and April 2011 and was indicted by the Court in Spain, has been officially accepted by SRSG as Camp Liberty governing commander. His conduct and decision making has been reported in detail to the SRSG indicating a pattern of planned right violations, aimed at hampering living conditions of the residents.


The time period for the TTL in the original MOU signed between UN and Government of Iraq was six months

Breach of Agreement

on the agreement that was signed on  December 25, 2011 between the Special Representative of Secretary General  and Maliki’s security advisor, this time period was omitted under the directions of Maliki to fulfill Iranian regime’s ominous intentions against its main opposition. 


In March 16 letter signed and agreed by the SRSG after weeks of discussions, it was agreed to remove the Iraqi police from inside the camp, while in a separate letter on February 15, it was agreed to prevent the presence of the Iranian agents at Liberty, transfer the generators from the electricity station in Ashraf allocate the transfer of 10 vehicles for every 400 residents along with the convoys; and sufficient number of Ashraf residents would remain there to protect and maintain the goods and belongings until the final settlement of this issue.

Breach of Agreement

– Police posts are increased and the unit of armored vehicle is deployed

– Iranian agents are accommodated at the vicinity of Liberty

– The transferred of the agreed vehicles were labeled as “irrelevant” to humanitarian needs and a “maximalist” desire

– A vociferous mediatic arm-twisting to present the residents and their leadership as those breaching the agreement has been organized to prevent the stationing of Ashraf residents for managing and caretaking of belongings until final settlement of issues. The US State Department press statement has been destructive in this relation.  In a complimentary move, Iraqi government has begun looting and stealing from residents: these include fuel and fuel tanks, belongings and assets worth of millions of dollars.


1 July; a meeting was held in Paris between residents’ representatives and the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General (SRSG) in presence of American and European observers in order to bring an end to the impasse. Two proposals were separately suggested by American and European sides both raising 10 points for the GoI to fulfill before the sixth convoy can depart from Ashraf. These are very simple points and can be easily fulfilled if the political will exists in the GoI for a peaceful solution.

Breach of Agreement:

Only 2 of the ten were realized under the eye of the International Community. The rest are declared by US Representative Fried as “maximalist needs” despite already agreed memorandum.