NH Lawyer Accused Of Falsely Reporting Parents’ Death To Sibling

Tracy A Pearson

Tracy A Pearson

A New Hampshire lawyer is today facing allegations that she and her sibling mislead their brother into believing that both their parents had died several years ago.

Tracy A Pearson, based in Dover, NH, together with her sister Linda, of Epsom, NH, it has been alleged, lead their brother to believe both parents had died more than 8 years ago.

Due to their brother’s inability to travel internationally he was unable to verify the claim.

In 2015 and subsequently he made two applications to court in the United States, were documents would have been recorded, seeking clarification.

A complaint has now been forwarded to the NH Bar Association and to the NH Supreme Court, which deals with ethics complaints.

Attempts to contact Ms Pearson by email received the following reply:

“The intended receiver has blocked you.  You are no longer privileged to have contact with this person. Continued attempts at contact will result in law enforcement being notified.”