Paint Makes Difference

In fact, I failed to find the original of the following text. What I am absolutely sure of is that I tried to do my best to translate it.

… The secretary put me through to the orderly officer who politely explained: “Well before the military operation in Syria began a crucial decision had been taken by the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry. The essence of this decision consists in our aspiration, traditional for Russia, to strictly observe the principles of legality and justice. Therefore, from now on all our ammunition is divided in two categories: ordinary and moderate. We use exclusively ordinary ammunition against ordinary terrorists, and against moderate terrorists we use exclusively moderate ammunition. So don’t worry, we take modesty of some terrorists into account and are dealing with them justly.”

Having heard these words, I felt considerably better. But I tried to clarify: “So, do you really use exclusively moderate ammunition against moderate terrorists, is it true?!”

My collocutor answered: “Word of an officer!”

I felt absolutely well. To bring the ultimate clarity, I asked: “Tell me, please, what’s the difference between your ordinary ammunition and the moderate one?”

“Our ordinary ammunition differs from moderate ammunition exactly as much as ordinary terrorists differ from moderate ones in Syria: it is carefully painted in colours of lighter, more moderate tints”, the officer answered and hung up.

Hereto I attached the image used by the Russian Embassy to London in response to a tweet of Philip Hammond.

First published in my blog on October 02, 2015.