Rebecca Leighton Is Innocent Till Proven Guilty

Whilst the count of the patients goes on heaping blame on the jailed nurse, we must remember that the charges are not proven yet

I don’t suppose many people care that there is something wrong with the story about this nurse.

There are a lot of accusation and the press vultures are having a field day of counting all the patients who have died, with headlines like ‘another five dead’ that killer nurse did!

These comments sell newspapers and fuel public anger don’t they?

No-one is allowed to question the facts of what really happened.

There is a fundemental flaw in our society, with absolutely no pity in it.

Rebecca we hear from her nursing tutor, her friends and some of her colleagues was a girl who had a heart to care.

The fact that she found nights shattering, is a normal reaction to working in an understaffed service, with continual pressure, and a government bent on saving money in public services.

When Rebecca was reported to the police there was just a mention that two IV drips were put up by herself and were broken – could thay not have been defective? The majority of equipment nowadays is manufactured offshore, in grim little factories in Bangla Desh, China etc.

To all accounts Rebecca was easy prey to be interrogated and bullied relentlessly without sleep curtesy of Her Majesty and a police force bent on getting a victory.

She has been totally vilified by the public, who to all intents want to hang her.

Anybody standing up and questioning the evidence is not allowed to in this society that we live in.

Surprisingly the tampering with equipment has stopped – but the batch of saline equipment with insulin in it, has not been properly investigated.

Stepping Hill hospital has had a catalogue of errors in it over last few years, and everyone is blaming the killer nurse, not the unlocked cupboards or the appalling organisation and lack of it, this is a health and safety issue.

Conceivably there were members of the public out there, who lost loved ones in the hospital prior to these events occurring, with possible grudges against the hospital.

I guess I will carry on questioning what is happening to the end, will you?

Rebecca does not have the profile of a killer nurse, she is just a normal twenty plus something, and the pictures of her cheeky smile, red hair and finger raised are in the hands of unscrupulous reporters who have reached the very bottom of the pit.