UK Charities And Businesses Forum Hosted By The British Embassy In Chisinau

The British Embassy hosted on 13 December a forum that brought together two important British groups in the Republic of Moldova; charities and businesses

British Embassy

British Embassy

Discussions focused on the activity of UK charities and on businesses’ corporate social responsibility activities and also potential ways they can support each other.

British Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Lucy Joyce, thanked the participants for their efforts and their dedication to Moldovan society and to Moldova-UK bilateral relations:

Both of you have a significant input into Moldovan society through your activity and values including fair play in business, research and innovation, value for money, voluntary activity, support for local communities, inclusiveness – values which of course we all share with Moldova.

We would like to encourage you all to further use these values and the opportunity of working together for your own benefit and also for the benefit of the Moldovan society.

The environment for exercising social responsibility is also gradually improving in Moldova. I am glad that the mechanism allowing taxpayers to designate 2% of their paid income tax to civil society organisations became reality this year, and I am sure there are many other ways of contributing to the public good that can be explored.

Businesses increasingly see that responsible behaviour is not only good for society but can deliver business benefits: you can attract talented staff and retain them; it can help drive productivity and innovation; and it can lead to new business models.

Thank you for your efforts, your dedication and your contribution to Moldovan society and to Moldova-UK bilateral relations.

This is the fifth forum that the British Embassy in Chisinau has organised. Previous versions have included representatives of public authorities, donor community and international NGOs.