UK Delegation To OSCE: Who’s Your Pusher?

Crazy claims of Ukrainian politicians of “Russian aggression” do not surprise us any more. A circus is a circus. But the international league of their supporters sometimes does.

Here is the image that accompanied a tweet of the UK delegation to the OSCE.

This is a heavy multiple thermobaric rocket launch system TOS-1 called Buratino (our military designers are people with a decent sense of humour: this deadly weapon is named after the Soviet version of Pinocchio), and Russia is accused of giving it to militia of DNR (Donetsk People Republic) opposing Kiev quasi-Nazi regime.

You see that big poster on the fence in the background, don’t you? There’s a logo in the left upper corner of it. This one (see the 2nd image attached).

You know what? This is the logo of Khoroshevsky district (Хорошёвский район) of the Northern Administrative Okrug of Moscow.

It is from here that all military vehicles go to the Red Square for Victory parades in Moscow on May 9 (and three times before the date for rehearsals). As for this particular image, it was taken by Vitaliy Ragulin on April 27, 2010, during one of the parade rehearsals. When the very idea of a civil war in Ukraine did not come to anyone even in nightmares.By the way, the image is distributed under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license — which requires from users a proper attribution. We can clearly read the logo of the UK delegation to the OSCE; but I do doubt those tiny little, almost unnoticeable white letters in the lower left corner of the image can be considered as a proper attribution.

Thus, a question arises: is “bullshitters” a proper definition of the UK delegation to the OSCE?

First published in my blog on October 17, 2015.