United Kingdom Welcomes Result Of Guatemalan Referendum

The British Ambassador to Guatemala, Carolyn Davidson, commented on the “yes” vote in favour of referral to the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

Carolyn Davidson

Carolyn Davidson

The United Kingdom welcomes the result of April 15 referendum on taking Guatemala’s territorial, maritime and insular dispute with Belize to the ICJ.

We also congratulate the people of Guatemala for participating and demonstrating their commitment to democratic values. Through debate, discussion and deliberations, they confirmed that the ICJ route is the best way to resolve any differences. The British Government supports this process as the route agreed upon jointly by Guatemala and Belize.

We encourage the government of Belize to hold their referendum soon to maintain the momentum towards a lasting and peaceful solution to this dispute. Legal certainty between the two countries will boost peace, investment and social development.

The United Kingdom and Guatemala share a strong partnership based on our commitment to shared democratic ideals, human rights, and economic prosperity.

The United Kingdom reiterates its support for both countries in their efforts to make progress toward peace and effective implementation of confidence building measures.