Newsroom Membership

Newsroom Membership

Newsroom Membership

Newsroom Membership is the best way to show a commitment to producing high-quality, ethical journalism.

It shows you support the missions of WireNews and gives your staff the opportunity to become part of the world’s largest and most broad-based journalism association.

Whether you’re a student media group, a community paper or a digital newsroom, a WireNews Newsroom Membership gives you access to WireNews’ amazing training, networking and resources.

For just £259.99 a year, your newsroom can join WireNews as a Newsroom Member and receive the following benefits:

– Your name on’s Newsroom Membership page that links to your company’s Website;


– A 50% discount on individual Press Card credential memberships for employees from your company. This benefit will help you in building a chapter at your company’s location, saving members nearly £30 per year;


– Complimentary unlimited access to WireNews for purposes of posting press releases, news and announcements;

For more information, contact WireNews using the following form.