‘Flood And Coast’ Conference To Tackle The Big Questions Facing Flood And Coastal Erosion Management

Planning for climate change, building resilience and the role of natural flood management will be amongst the vast array of subjects being discussed at this year’s Flood & Coast conference, convened by the Environment Agency

Conference attendees will discuss the challenges in flood management

Conference attendees will discuss the challenges in flood management

Now in its third year, the annual event brings together experts from across the globe to share ideas and opportunities to work together to tackle the risk of flooding and coastal erosion.

Flood & Coast takes place at the Telford International Centre from 20-22 March and registration is live on the event’s website: www.floodandcoast.com

Other topics including infrastructure resilience, partnership working, community collaboration and incident response will also be debated at the 3 day event.

Speakers this year include the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency, Sir James Bevan, the Chief Executive of the Met Office, Rob Varley, and Baroness Brown of Cambridge, Chair of the Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change.

Other speakers include Jeff Lindner, a Director and meteorologist with the Harris County Flood Control District in Houston, Texas, who will share his experiences from Hurricane Harvey last August. Clare Dinnis, Deputy Director of the Environment Agency, said:

Climate change is one of the biggest global threats we face. Intense storms are becoming more frequent and climate change will also raise sea levels. So this year we’re focussing on how partnerships between attendees can help us be better prepared to respond to future challenges like climate change.

Experts from the UK and across the globe will discuss their experiences so we can learn from each other and improve how we manage flood risk and coastal erosion in the UK.

Paul Cobbing, Chief Executive of the National Flood Forum charity, said:

The Flood & Coast Conference is a great chance to network – bringing together a rich concentration of flooding and coastal erosion experts with a diverse mix of backgrounds – commercial companies, product manufacturers, public organisations, community representatives and academics.

Bringing these people together in a shared space provides a fantastic opportunity to explore how we can work together to reduce flood risk and manage coastal erosion more effectively in the UK.

More than 200 speakers will talk at the event, and 80 exhibitors will showcase the latest in flood risk management technology and innovation.

The full conference programme is now available on the website: www.floodandcoast.com

Peatlands To Be Restored In The North West

Environment Agency secures £160,000 to restore peatlands across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire

Sykes Moor and Peak Naze peatland

Sykes Moor and Peak Naze peatland

Work is underway to restore peatlands to their natural state across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire after £160,000 of funding was secured through the Department Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

The Environment Agency will be working with a number of partners including Cheshire Wildlife Trust, Warrington Borough Council and United Utilities at six sites.

Restoring peatland to their natural state

The funding will be used to restore upland and lowland peatlands to their natural state by increasing their capacity to prevent carbon entering the atmosphere, reduce flood risk by slowing the flow of rain water and creating habitats for vulnerable wildlife.

Natural England has been advising the partners about the best design for the schemes, and approving methods used on the Sites of Special Scientific Interest.

By blocking drainage ditches, building peat bunds and working with the local topography, the work will help keep water on the sites, encouraging the typical bog plant species and discouraging the dry-loving grasses and birch.

They provide 70% of our drinking water

Peatlands cover 11% of England’s landscape and they provide a great habitat for a wide range of wildlife and birds including merlin, dunlin and golden plover. They also provide 70% of our drinking water and reduce greenhouse gases by locking away at least 3.2 billion tonnes of CO².

There are six projects across the Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire that have secured this funding, part of a Defra peatlands restoration pot of £500,000, with further projects around the country.

Environment Minister Thérèse Coffey said:

Well-maintained peatlands are an iconic aspect of the English landscape and are a vital part of the natural ecosystem. They provide key habitats for wildlife, supply us with clean water and reduce carbon emissions.

This scheme will help fulfil our ambition to be the first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state while returning thousands of hectares of peatland to their natural state.

Lisa Whelan, Environment Programme Manager at the Environment Agency, said:

Peatlands are a fantastic resource and these restoration projects have multiple benefits to the environment. Work at the sites will include creating fire breaks and peat bunds, introduce new plant species, block ditches along with further initiatives to restore the peatlands.

Some projects will also serve as study sites for trials of innovative new restoration techniques. As well as having > a huge environmental benefit such as reducing greenhouse gases it will enhance habitats for wildlife.

Work is underway at six sites across Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Cheshire

Risley Moss, Cheshire – working with Warrington Borough Council (funding of £20,000) Danes Moss, Cheshire – working with Cheshire Wildlife Trust (funding of £15,000) Holcroft Moss, Cheshire – working with Cheshire Wildlife Trust (funding of £46,000) Goyt’s Moss Bridge, Peak District – working with United Utilities (funding of £16,000) Peak Naze and Sykes Moor, Peak District – working with United Utilities (funding of £36,300) Crompton Moor, Greater Manchester – working with City of Trees (funding of £30,000)

Total funding is £163,300

Penny Mordaunt Represents UK Prime Minister At Sahel Conference

The International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt has reiterated the UK’s commitment to working with European partners to support the Sahel area of Africa to fight extremism and poverty, at a major conference in Brussels today



Representing the UK Prime Minister alongside world leaders including President Macron of France and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ms Mordaunt announced further support to help strengthen security across the Sahel, where extremist groups including Da-esh, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram often operate freely.

The Sahel area of Africa (Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Chad, Burkina Faso) is beset by trafficking, violence, instability and extremism – which present significant future risk to the UK. The Sahel also has the fastest growing population in the world and the humanitarian situation is acute and precarious – 21.7m people don’t have reliable access to their next meal.

As announced by Prime Minister Theresa May and President Macron of France at the UK-France Summit last month, the UK is providing £50m of lifesaving UK aid to the area, three chinook helicopters for strategic airlift and considering options to enhance UK diplomatic presence in the Sahel – in order to tackle significant future threats.

The additional support announced today will help improve the accommodation of Niger’s army, who are currently living in tents while tackling armed groups along the border with Mali, and will contribute to emergency medical evacuation airlift provision.

The International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt said:

The Sahel is one of the poorest places in the world, where over 40% of people struggle to live on less than $2 a day, and where violence, conflict and extremism are widespread.

It’s essential we act now with our European partners to help the Sahelian nations build security and stability, while continuing to deliver emergency humanitarian aid to those in desperate need.

By helping to keep hundreds of thousands of people safe from starvation and harm, we are tackling the causes of both migration and terrorism, to keep Britain safe.

Opening Of U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

U.S. Department of State

U.S. Department of State

In May, the United States plans to open a new U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem. The opening will coincide with Israel’s 70th anniversary. The Embassy will initially be located in the Arnona neighborhood, in a modern building that now houses consular operations of U.S. Consulate General Jerusalem.

Those consular operations, including American citizen and visa services, will continue at the Arnona facility without interruption, as part of the Embassy. Consulate General Jerusalem will continue to operate as an independent mission with an unchanged mandate, from its historic Agron Road location. Initially, the interim Embassy in Arnona will contain office space for the Ambassador and a small staff.

By the end of next year, we intend to open a new Embassy Jerusalem annex on the Arnona compound that will provide the Ambassador and his team with expanded interim office space. In parallel, we have started the search for a site for our permanent Embassy to Israel, the planning and construction of which will be a longer-term undertaking.

We are excited about taking this historic step, and look forward with anticipation to the May opening.

7 Clues To Identify The Harlot Of Revelation 17

At the heart of who we are is what we believe, but millions of people only know what their parents taught them

UN New World Order

UN New World Order

“All roads lead to Rome.” Christ is the only way to God (John 14:6) but He is the Truth, and if we follow truth as we understand it, we get to God.

Note: This isn’t against sincere Catholic believers, but against a hierarchy that knows the system is phony, but participate in the deception.

God winks in times of ignorance but commands repentance and coming out of the false systems of Babylon that include medical, educational, governmental and religious aspects, Rev 18:2-4.

Christ said to call no man ‘Father,’ (Matt 23:9) and dp not use vain repetition as the heathen in praying Hail Mary. Matt 6:7. Was He cluing us?

When asked about the end of the world, He said to understand the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel, Matthew 24:15.

The desolating power is linked to the little horn that becomes great in Daniel 8, and it does the same things as the little horn that grew out of the 4th beast—the Roman Empire in Daniel 7 after Babylon. Medo-Persia & Grecia were also foretold by name in Daniel 8:20,21 and we can’t even know what tomorrow brings!

The Protestant Reformers all saw the papacy as the little horn that persecuted the saints and changed times and laws, Daniel 7:25.

The catechism abolishes the 2nd Commandment of Exodus 20 that forbids images and to maintain 10, they divided the 10th Commandment into two—not coveting our neighbors wife and not coveting his goods. Catholics should read their Bible.

Their Bible also teaches to ‘remember the sabbath day to keep it holy,’ but Rome changed the day to Sunday, claiming it honored the resurrection.

Romans 6 shows baptism is a memorial of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection, but for a church that sprinkles instead of immersion, the memorial or significance is gone, clued by Daniel.

Christ might have said to study Revelation, but it had not yet been written. The 17th chapter is clear.

  1. The harlot is sitting on “many waters,” but the waters are “peoples, multitudes, nations, tongues” in verse 15. Can we guess what church this is?
  2. She is in bed with kings (governments) verse 2. This church is so political, that it was behind the United Nations as a form of world government.
  3. The pope will ride and guide the New World Order (imagery of verse 3) in the near future.
  4. ‘Arrayed in purple and scarlet,” the color of cardinals, verse 4.
  5. “Decked with gold and precious stones”—this is a wealthy church, verse 4.
  6. “Mother of Harlots,” a mother church of those that came from her, but they are harlots because they no longer protest her abominations.
  7. She is sitting on seven hills—Rome. There are a few other cities that have seven hills, but putting the above clues together, they only fit the papacy as Babylon, Mother of Abominations that include wars from the time of the Crusades against Islam to the genocide of Protestant Tutsis in Africa as the UN bowed to the pope and ordered its troops to “stand down” and let the local government (Catholic) take care of business. The blood of a million is on John Paul II, UN and Clinton—see the documentary– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3DrvrrSgHI

Jack Chick (a Protestant publisher whose books by Alberto Rivera, former Jesuit priest, were sold out of a closet in a Christian bookstore) said,

Rome in a position of weakness, is as gentle as a lamb.

Rome in a position of equality, is as clever as a fox.

Rome in a position of strength, is as fierce as a tiger.

John F Kennedy’s opposition to serving his church’s war agenda in Vietnam got him killed. He also opposed the Federal Reserve that sends billions to the UK and on to the Vatican; watch at 16-18 minute point—it’s outrageous that this could be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EYPiZisHlI.

After Reagan took a bullet, he decided to work with Rome and open our southern border and he approved FEMA camps (REX 84) for illegal immigrants, but now illegal aliens are okay, but people who believe in Bible prophecy are now seen as potential domestic terrorists and will need to be ‘screened’ when martial law comes to a city near you when end-times begin with a huge earthquake, Joel 2:10,11; Zech 14:1-5.

The papacy is represented by the beast from the sea (waters are peoples, nations, Rev 17:15) in Rev 13 described as an amalgamation of the kingdoms that it survived and assimilated from Daniel 7. The deadly would was the Protestant Reformation now healed with joint communion with Lutherans, the wound is now healed.

The US is the 2nd beast that comes from the earth (unpopulated New World as opposed to sea) and has two uncrowned horns—a government without a king and a church without a pope—Protestant America that brings fire from heaven (Hiroshima) and causes the world to make an image—a look alike to the papacy. The UN New World Order will be similar to the Old World Order in its use of force to compel all to false worship—the hallmark of the papacy when they have the power, Rev 13:14-17.


Dr. Richard Ruhling writes on current events and Bible prophecy. His book, God Bless America? has mostly 4-5 star reviews and is free Saturday, Feb 24 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075896HPD.


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