Arbela Technologies Releases Its Newest Security Manager For Dynamics AX.

Arbela Technologies Corporation ( has released its latest Arbela Security Manager for Dynamics AX (ASM). The latest release (version 4.0) continues to build on the innovation Arbela introduced making security management for Dynamics AX easier so users can focus on the business needs and making access to the enterprise data more secure and traceable.

“Arbela Security Manager for Dynamics AX has helped numerous clients with its easy to use and visual user interface. ASM users’ feedback has been all about making security even easier between various AX environments, best user group practices, and auditing reports. I am glad to announce that version 4.0 has addressed these needs.” Says, Nima Bakhtiary, President and CEO of Arbela Technologies.

Arbela Security Manager can be installed as quickly as 20 minutes, and it uses the standard Dynamics AX security and authorization tools. It works with customizations and it is a “must have” solution for all companies using Dynamics AX 2009 and 2012.

Some of the new capabilities of the Arbela Security manager for Dynamics AX are:

  • Making Security Management even easier for Dynamics AX users and providing a series of new auditing reports in this latest release
  • Offering easier and faster user interface for setting and managing security in Dynamics AX by introducing roles, and easy import and export capabilities for user groups
  • Addition of a series of canned reports for audits and tracking security changes in Dynamics AX
  • New Inquires and auditing reports to analyze security user groups, users, companies and domains
  • New user group creation, copying, export and import capabilities for easier changes to authorization between environments and changes in the organizations