Caleb Mcginn Connects With New Fans Through His Album “bigger Picture”

Almost every musician aims to connect with their listeners, but there is something completely unique about Caleb McGinn’s approach. After 8 years of guitar, he began writing his own music and had the chance to perform in London and various cities in the United States. His passion, dedication, and untiring work ethic led him down a musical path. His persistence and focus has facilitated a collection of carefully crafted songs offering real down to earth content and addresses issues that virtually every person can relate to.

Aside from his varied influences including pop, rock, acoustic, and country, McGinn offers his own insight and personality. Refusing to be the musician who simply presents his songs from behind the mic, he has the uncanny ability to interact with his listeners and give them a completely unique concert experience. Currently pursuing a dream, McGinn is interested in inspiring listeners and encouraging them to think about the bigger picture. He said, “My music is about more than just the songs. It’s about a mindset, a way of life, a pursuit of one’s dreams. I truly believe that each and every person, no matter where they are in life, can achieve what they want if they take the appropriate steps.”

Recorded in Nashville, his album “Bigger Picture” was produced by Jeremy McCoy who is the current touring bass player for The Fray, and has worked with James Morrison, One Republic, and other well-known artists. The album offers a collection of uplifting, inspiring, and real songs with blended genres and a deep heartfelt message. With a great start to a young career, look for Caleb McGinn as he visits cities across the United States and be sure to watch for his new material which is currently in the making.

“Bigger Picture” is available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers. For more information on Caleb McGinn and his ongoing works, check out his site at which offers his release for $3 for a limited time as well as signed download cards. While he may be still establishing himself as a performer and songwriter, it will become clear upon first listen that this artist is building a name for himself that is sure to resonate within the singer/songwriter vein.