Catch Friday And Experience Fulfilling Weekends

Tim Ferris suggests a lifestyle many business owners today probably don't think they deserve or can experience. But with CatchFriday, it is possible

“Catch Friday” is a phrase many business owners hope they can do in their lives but find difficult to achieve.  How many business owners started their business because they wanted more time for themselves and their families?  There are MANY of them.  People who start their own businesses often think that doing so they gain better control of how they can gain wealth and ultimately also gain better control of their times and lives.  But many of these businessmen realize soon enough that starting companies is not a walk in the park.  First you need to work hard to establish your business and then when you are already experiencing success you have to work hard to maintain it. Many successful business owners are successful because they are hard working.  No one who has achieved so much in his life got there by slacking.  But business owners must also not lose sight of why they started their business in the first place- to gain more time, to gain more money and ultimately gain more freedom.

Business owners must learn to catch Friday and spend their weekends leisurely.  It is true that when it comes to the very end of the line, no one ever wishes he had spent more time in the office.  What is the value of gaining so much money if you do not have time to spend on the things that truly make you feel alive?  What is the use of being so successful in your career if your personal life is flushed down the drain?  Unless you think that the end-all and be-all of life is to earn money, then spending your weekends in the office is just not a good way to live.

In today’s business environment, it is not enough that a business owner simply works hard; it is also very important for the business owner to spend their time wisely and to stretch whatever resources are available to him to the fullest.  Today, the services of a virtual assistant are available to make life easier for business people. Hiring a VA does not mean you are slacking off. It just means you are stretching your time for the things that bring more value to your life- not just at work but also in your personal life.  With a VA, it is possible to maintain outstanding profitability in business even if you have to take each and every weekend off.

CatchFriday, is a VA company that allows you to catch Fridays and experience fulfilling weekends.

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