Cern Calls Demons From Parallel Universes? (Video)

The existence of parallel universes noted by science as real. This is known already by the ancient Greeks. But what happens when machines are built to open the way to them and to engage new “world”? …

Rise to what is written on the contacts with the other dimensions-worlds and contact with unknown beings than can be the go or already passed, was a discussion of CERN through biblical worldview although it is not a matter of faith and churches.

The debate was televised by the Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, who are considered top in their field.

For those not aware, the Tom Horn is a personality with a long presence on television and radio, which covers issues related to religion, prophecies, everywhere discoveries, and the supernatural.

The Steve Quayle is another treasure of information associated with ancient history, particularly the biblical while dealing unrestricted issues include angels, demons, the Nephilim, fallen, and the leaders of the prehistory of ancient civilizations.

In the discussion that nails, the two men speak out at the CERN risks, and that the machine itself is an insult to God.

For those not familiar, CERN is under the control of the Illuminati-Masonic. In line with the official announcement of their website, Professor Sijbrand de Jong from 01.01.2016 is the President of the Council, who is Knight of the Order of the Dutch Lion. And as we know, the vast majority of the various guilds are “communicating vessels” and are different sides of the same coin.

Despite scientists reactions in favor of the closure and the CERN shutdown, activities continue uninterruptedly. Scientists maintains that unknown “entities” transiting daily while the “project” opening more gateways to and from other dimensions continues, putting all humanity at risk.

The Steve Quayle focuses and highlights how the elite tries to defeat God and disperse the people.

The video is the perfect transition through basic information on the paranormal “property” of CERN, to find “cracks” between As at “other dimensions” and transform them into gates …

And somewhere here is where we wonder Did the various strange phenomena which thicken latter is a result of these cracks that open? Do as little example (among many others) the various floating cities in the clouds, we see the last, there is a rare phenomenon called fata morgana, but a consequence of the processes at CERN?