Conservative Values Verified By Red Checked

Red Checked

Red Checked

The founder of WireNews, Bill White, has created a unique verification system for Conservative Values: Red Checked.

Offering verified status for Conservative websites, publications and social media accounts, Red Checked efforts are a ‘push-back’ against the growing censorship by the Left.

For a one-time fee of £4.99 (less than $7), Red Checked evaluates the content of your website or publication or the theme of your social media posts to determine whether or not you’re promoting Conservative values. Once approved, you can proudly display the Red Checked badge and your website/publication/social media account URL will be published on a ‘members’ page on

Established businesses will also receive a free press release published on WireNews that announces their participation in the scheme.

Conservative Values include: Smaller government, fewer regulations, fiscal responsibility and free speech, among others.

Bill White said: “Red Checked is a verification system for Conservative Values and not religion.”

“We’re not judging anyone,” White said.

“Red Checked is establishing a growing list of Conservative websites, publications and Social Media content whose operators are proud to say they’re Conservative and want you to know it,” White explained.


For more information visit Follow on Twitter @redchecked and Instagram @redchecked.