Constructive Communication, Inc. Announces Results Of Online Social Media Survey

Online social media survey results announced

Constructive Communication, Inc. – a specialist in public relations and marketing communications for professional service firms and members of a variety of technical industries – has announced the results of an online social media survey.

Participants in the online survey represent approximately 65 professionals in the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) and other technical industries from across the United States and Canada. According to Kimberly Kayler, President of Constructive Communication, Inc. (CCI), the purpose of the survey was to gauge the current understanding of online social media and the future of the medium. The survey responses indicate that, while many are still trying to figure out how it fits into the business-to-business world, social media is here to stay.

According to Stephanie Brown, CCI Interactive Public Relations Specialist, CCI’s survey validates the growing interest by the AEC industry in social media as well as the general business population. The results are as follows:

  • Approximately 75 percent of respondents participate regularly in social media on an individual basis, 19 percent of which participate constantly, 28.6 percent participate once a day and 27 percent participate once a week.
  • Although 76 percent of respondents noted that online social media is a critical medium for their company to get involved in, only 20 percent said they participate in social media outlets representing their company on a weekly basis, and 60 percent said they rarely participate from a corporate perspective.
  • When asked how familiar participants are with online social media, 40 percent said completely, 50 percent said a little bit and 10 percent said they didn’t understand it at all.
  • The most popular outlet for companies was LinkedIn with 62.5 percent, Facebook with 29.7 percent and blogs with 28.1 percent.
  • Approximately 90 percent of respondents stated that their company does not have a corporate policy related to online social media.

Brown added that social media has proven to be a very effective marketing tool for companies in the AEC industry. However, she said, in addition to becoming active in these free mediums, it is still vital to continue traditional PR and marketing efforts.

Kayler concurred, noting that online social media has grown dramatically in terms of acceptance as well as use in the AEC and other technical industries in the last six months.

“For example, a product supplier recently used Twitter to drive traffic to their trade show booth, a structural engineer used LinkedIn to share his expertise on how the seismic code influences design, and a contractor used Facebook as a recruiting tool. However, key to success is knowing how to integrate these tools with traditional marketing tactics as well as measurement for return on investment,” said Kayler.

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