Copper Services Launches ConveyCustom, A Brandable, Automated Online Hosting Platform

Copper Services, provider of virtual meeting and hosting technology, today unveiled, ConveyCustom a brandable online platform to host and sell content, events, products and services. ConveyCustom sites can be open to the public or have restricted access.

“ConveyCustom enables firms to expand their online presence, extend their brand, and generate revenue without the expense and risk of developing proprietary in-house applications,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Copper Services. “It’s a highly customized solution that greatly reduces the time needed to go to market. Users can easily make changes and manage a ConveyCustom site independently without technical assistance.”

Site owners add their own headers, logos, graphics and backgrounds to their ConveyCustom website. Videos, informational pages and banners can be added to increase interest, deliver a marketing message or create advertising opportunities.

Everything posted on a ConveyCustom-powered site can be offered for free or for purchase. The site seamlessly manages sales transactions without the need for a merchant account. The payment system integrated into ConveyCustom allows customized pricing, automated promotional discounts and refunds or cancellations.

ConveyCustom has a streamlined interface to manage features on the site such as posting an event calendar and highlighting upcoming events. Users can emphasize popular posts or call out key individuals or organizations as featured providers. ConveyCustom allows customization of user searches on the site, as well as generates links to social media, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. An application can be added to attract other providers to the site or collect information on members.

ConveyCustom offers extensive administrative capabilities to manage site users, providers and partners, as well as revenue, commissions and payment. ConveyCustom has a well-developed API to connect to external applications including CRM or SFA systems.