Democrats Defeat Republicans, Time And Again

During the presidential election campaign, you can’t tell the political parties apart when it comes to merchandising.   Democrats have buttons, hats and T-shirts. Republicans have buttons, hats and T-shirts. Democrats have bandannas, drinking glasses and Frisbees. Republicans have bandannas, drinking glasses and Frisbees.

In an effort to stand out and stand for something, one political memorabilia company offers, as Colt 45 ads used to say, “a completely unique experience ( is brilliant, brash, stylish and refreshingly different. It’s a political memorabilia company that can claim it’s watches are collected by museums like the Smithsonian and DC hot spot, the Newseum.

You can buy one of their 10 stunningly beautiful Obama Watches or you can design your own Obama Watch. For $75, they’ll make it for you and send it to you. You can own a truely limited edition watch you created.

Would they be willing to make an anti-Obama watch if the price were right?

“No,” said Obama Watches President, Jack Goldenberg, “we wouldn’t do that. We have a brand and a country to protect.”

Seven artists and designers created the stunning, 10-watch 2012 Obama Watches Collection. The most popular watch so far this election season is Barack Around the Clock by artist David Bell which features the President wearing a Mona Lisa-like smile and retro sunglasses.

Obama Watches has a decidedly partisan sense of humor with a new “Mitt Romney Changed his Mind” Sale every day and FAQs the company calls, “Frequently Annoying Questions.” A sample Q & A from the site nets this response:

Q. Do you give any of the money you make on this site to the Obama campaign?

A. No, we use it all to buy beer.

Q. Seriously?

A. No, of course not, we also buy wine.

Q. OK, now you’re just kidding me, right?

A. Right, we’re actually not allowed to donate money to a political campaign because we’re a corporation. If we were a lying, cheating PAC (Political Action Committee), then it would be OK.

Obama Watches is the brainchild of Jack Goldenberg, an advertising Copywriter who is no stranger to national success. He’s launched five billion dollar products including the iconic Happy Meal and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Goldenberg came up with the idea to sell Obama Watches purely by accident. In 2008, he went to a friend’s birthday party wearing a one-of-a-kind Obama for President watch. For the man who made the Happy Meal viral from kids to parents, it was just another viral campaign that he happened to be wearing on his wrist.

The next day, five friends called to ask, “Where can I buy one of those Obama watches?”

In 2008, practically owned the upper end market for political memorabilia producing 14 different Obama for President Watches. The most successful 2008 watch was “Love Your Mama. Vote Obama.”

The company sold thousands of watches in 48 states and 8 foreign country. The campaign was so successful, the Democratic National Committee asked Goldenberg if he would give one of his Obama for President watches to then-Senator Obama at a fundraiser in Philadelphia.

On a hot night in July, 2008, in a private room filled with 40 people had donated $80,000 a couple, Goldenberg held onto 5 Obama watches in “cheesy gold boxes.”

Senator Obama came into the room guarded by a phalaynx of Secret Service agents. The Senator shook the hands of each couple, stopping for about 30 seconds or less to chat. When Obama approached where Goldenberg was standing, the Senator put out his hand. 

Goldenberg offered his right hand, which normally would have been OK, had he not had five cheesy gold boxes in his hand.

But before the excange could take place, an alert Secret Service agent intervened and grabbed the watches out of Goldenberg’s hands.

He disappeared into the crowd and was seen leaving the room carrying five cheesy gold boxes.

He reurned about ten minutes later, handed the watches to an Obama aide and walked up to Goldenberg, who was doing his best to fake a smile, but he feared the worst. “Prety cool watches,” the Secret Service said.  

You can flip a coin at this point if you’re trying to predict the outcome of the November 6 election. But if you’re trying to pick which political memorabilia company will lead the pack, would be pretty same bet.

Time will tell.