Developing Effective Leaders, A Video Interview With Kevin Eikenberry Of The Eickenberry Group Now Available On Convey – The Business Knowledgebase

Kevin Eikenberry, the ‘Chief Potential Officer’ of the Eickenberry Group, shares his secrets for effective leaders in this unique interview featured in the 2012 Training & Development Insights Catalog on Convey — The Business Knowledgebase.

According to Eikenberry, every organization and individual has extraordinary potential. In this interview, he discusses the keys to developing leaders that can unlock the potential in their people, as well as their organization. Eikenberry focuses on the importance of the commitment to always be learning and translate your own education into the ability to lead others. He shares his experience with specific companies and leaders that have adopted this philosophy and achieved strong business success as a result.

“We can’t lead others toward their potential if we don’t believe they have it,” said Kevin Eikenberry. “It’s very important for us as leaders to recognize that people can be greatly successful. That doesn’t mean that everyone is in the perfect job, but if we can’t see and if we can’t help people see where and how they can be successful and coach them toward that goal, we can’t be the kind of leader that we’d like to be.”

“Kevin reminds us that as leaders, we should constantly focus on our own learning process, upgrading our skills, and committing to our own improvement,” said Carolyn Bradfield, CEO of Copper Services. “Those that we lead can learn from our example and be inspired to elevate their own commitment to learning and performance.”

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